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Sep 24, 2022, 2:24:53 PMSep 24

((Deck 1, Bridge, USS Arrow))


Rodan: Confirm?


Shayne stepped out onto the bridge, and kept his gaze locked on the screen as an act of effigy. Even if he wasn’t already interested in seeing where they were going, or what they were getting themselves into, he would master his temperamental stomach, no matter the cost. 


Serinus/O'Malley: Response


He worked his jaw; under different circumstances, a Chalnoth vessel hurtling toward them could not mean anything positive. It might be interpreted as a sign of desperation, but high warp also generally suggested a lack of distress. If this was a trap, it might have been set better, but then again, when it came to beings without a sense of governance, anything was possible. 


Shayne: Active scans on the incoming ships. Let them know we see them. 


Painting oncoming ships with active scanning might have been construed as an act of suspicion, but Shayne wasn’t about to risk his ship and his mission because he was too afraid of diplomatic blowback. 


O'Malley/Anyone: Response


Rodan: One ship? That doesn't make sense... Chalnoth hunt in packs...


Before them, the ship on scanners dropped out of warp, and as they observed, it broke into three component parts. With nimble swiftness and concerning organization, the vessels took triangular positions around the Arrow


Rodan: We're surrounded...


Shayne: Red alert. Shields to full, weapons hot, load torpedoes and standby. 


He was beginning to enjoy the idea that a diplomatic incident would be more difficult to achieve with the Chalnoth considering there was no embassy they could lodge a complaint through, or formal relations they coudl exploit. The other side of the coin, however, was inversely unpleasant; if these Chalnoth were after Arrow’s hide, no one would be holding them accountable. 


Serinus: Response


Rodan: They're hailing us.


Good- he had been waiting for that. For all the posturing that he hoped this was, distress was difficult to convey without a request for aid. 


Shayne: On screen. 


Messoq: =/\= USS Arrow. I am Captain Messoq of the ICV Saracen. I would speak with you. =/\=


Shayne stood, drawing himself to full height and stepping towards the center of the bridge. 


Shayne: Captain Shayne. I look forward to it- though I doubt three ships are necessary for a conversation. How do you plan to go about this? 


Messoq: =/\= Face to face, as is the custom of my people. ::Beat.:: Prepare for my arrival. =/\=


He squinted, enjoying the simplicity of this particular equation. 


Shayne: We’ll be glad to beam you aboard, but not with your ships in an attack formation around us. 


Messoq: =/\= Response =/\=


Grace and tact often gave way to necessity and function, and the fact was that they’d been sent here on a mission of necessity and function. One would think that the people who had (ostensibly) asked for help would understand that better than anyone. 


Shayne: The longer you delay, the longer it takes us to get you the help you need. Recollect your ships so we can get started. 


Messoq: =/\= Response =/\=


The channel closed. 


Shayne: Standby to lower shields, but on my mark and not a moment before. Mr. Dewitt, any signs of damage on the ene… the Chalnoth vessels? 


Dewitt: Response 


Damaged or not, those vessels were of a greater complexity than Shayne would have expected. Even pack hunters would be hard pressed to master multi-vectored starship construction. 


Shayne: Are they moving out of an attack formation? 


Rodan/Bridge: Response 



Captain Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer

USS Arrow

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