Lieutenant Chloe Waters: I've Been There

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Jesse F

Jan 26, 2022, 12:47:35 PMJan 26
((Gymnasium -- U.S.S Arrow))

Waters: What is it like? When things... work.

Chloe had seen a number of couples over her time in Starfleet. Hal and
Kayla however briefly, Pavlova and Oddas, now Shayne and MacKenna,
though she hadn't actually... seen the latter two... together.

As the look of surprise registered on Shayne's face, Chloe waited. She
couldn't imagine how shocking this was for Shayne. This... was not the
Chloe he was used to. Hell, she wasn't used to it. Part of her was
afraid of how this might turn out if she tried to push things forward.
She needed to know it would be worth it.

Shayne: Comfortable. Simple to describe, hard to achieve- and it will
differ from… couple to couple. But comfort with one another, with where
you both are in life, and in moments of vulnerability especially is key.

Chloe didn't like being vulnerable, generally. But for some odd
reason... the thought of just... letting herself go around R'Ariel was a
lot easier to handle. She felt as if she already did so. She nodded at
Shayne's words and huffed, almost all thoughts of his workout forgotten.

Waters: I... am more comfortable with myself than I think I have ever
been. ::beat:: Is there more?

Shayne: And clear. No illusions, no obfuscation, no attempts to please
the other at the expense of yourself. Relationships should take work,
but in the same way a house does- occasional maintenance leading to
consistent safety and protection.

Waters: They do need... communication. But... is there a balance? How
much is too much, or too little?

Shayne: I’m… not a marriage counselor, lieutenant. There are better,
more… successful people than me aboard. Point being, don’t go in looking
to begin the most passionate romance since Romeo and Juliet. Go in
looking to be a friend, an ally, a caring soul. The foundation will be
laid there.

Waters: I would like to think I have been. At least I have tried to be.
I have always made myself available to check on her when something
happens to her.

Shayne: Response

Waters: It is reassuring. It helps me to make sure she is okay as much
as I hope it makes her feel valued and cared for.

Shayne: Response

Waters: Things are moving slowly. But... I will get there I will.




Lieutenant Chloe Waters


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