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Cassandra Mason

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((Holodecks, RAFT-ONE))

Commander Collins too? She hadn’t even seen him in the corridors. Though, she hadn’t seen him at all since she returned.

MacKenna: Do we follow them?


Collins: I think we have to, right?


Mason: We don’t have to...We don’t have to do anything. 


Despite her love of horror, her bravery seemed to end in words and unable to escape the bound pages of a mystery novel. And despite the creeping fear that was beginning to seep into her bones, Cassie followed the group as they approached the door and into the adjoined hallway. But her short stature prevented her from being able to see what made the Commander back up, the loud BANG repeating over and over.


But before she could even begin to calm her racing heart, much less see what could make such a sound, the floor was pulled out from under them. Her world sped past as they fell, only for the wind to be knocked from her as they landed.


((Interior. The Crypt.))


As quickly as she could catch her breath, Cassie untangled herself from where they had all fallen directly onto Quentin. She was beginning to think some people just had a knack for pulling the short straw.


Looking around the...crypt? Dust, cobwebs, coffins...it was all a bit too stereotypical wasn’t it? Though this was still the holodeck, somebody must have programmed it. That was the problem with holodecks, they may feel real, but they were no more realistic than the mind could conjure up. In a way, she preferred this. She could deal with tropes.


Collins: Okay, I am loving THIS less...


MacKenna: Indeed.


The intricately carved stone, low arched ceilings, the decoration. Whoever this crypt was for seemed to have been extravagant. Someone who, perhaps, may have been just as impatient as the boots they’d followed. 


Mason: A little cliche if nothing else.


Out of the darkness, the sound of stones scraping together. If this was like her books then it could be a secret passageway being pried open after centuries of abandonment. Or if whoever made this had done their research, more realistically, a stone slab being dragged off of an ancient sarcophagus. 


Mason: We definitely have company.


Cassie froze as she heard the sound of footsteps, but just like everything here, it wasn’t quite right. Not the thumping or banging of boots, but a sharp clack reminiscent of heels. Or...bones? Bones clicking rhymically against the cobblestone floor.


MacKenna: And perhaps not all dead.


Mason: I doubt it could be considered alive either, whatever it is.


Collins/Hope/MacKenna: Response?


Cassie jumped as a chilling, rough voice came from beyond the darkness. The gravelly voice made her all the more certain that, whatever this was, it wasn’t entirely human.


Voice: Curiosity has led you astray.


The clicking sound grew louder, as though it were getting closer with each passing second. The already dim light seemed to fade even more. Slowly, the sound of movement to Cassie’s left made her pull her eyes from her group only to be met with a skeletal hand reaching out towards her face.


A shrill scream slipped past her lips before she could stop it, backing away from the coffin.


Collins/Hope/MacKenna: Response?


Mason: T...the coffin, a hand just… ::she wrapped her arms around herself, moving closer to the others as best she could in the darkness.:: Can we look for a way out? Please?


Collins/Hope/MacKenna: Response?





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