Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus - The Monstrous Tapestry of the Fates

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Joseph George

Oct 13, 2021, 4:47:57 AMOct 13
((Deck 3, Counselor's Office, USS Arrow))

Artinus took the offered seat and craned his head, the meaty broth aroma of the Baghol wafting over his nose. All the replicated meat being sourced without animal cruelty was hardly a barrier to his own revulsion for flesh after what he had recently been through.

R'Ariel: What's on your mind?

Serinus: It's about yesterday.

The Counselor sat there, just listening, and feeling, offering him a comfortable place to talk.

He frowned, his face wasn't known for being especially emotive, so to open up now was difficult. Yet it was far from the most difficult thing about the meeting.

The Counselor nodded, as was to be expected.

Serinus: I keep seeing them. Watching them go. Like that.

R'Ariel: Our fallen Marines?

Serinus: Yes, the Marines. But also Commander Rodan, we almost lost him too. 

R'Ariel listened to him intently, her tail flicking here and there.

Serinus: As I was the ranking officer, and they were cut off from their own chain of command, those Marines were my responsibility. If only for a while. The rest of you just showed up at an inopportune time.

R'Ariel: I'm sorry.

Serinus: I know we're explorers. And we had no way of knowing, but we walked into a Bear's den and inadvertently threatened its young. I don't blame the devolved Gorn for defending their home. But it doesn't take away from the horror of what happened.

R'Ariel:  You are one of the most responsible officers I know.  I have never doubted are wondered if someone else on the Arrow would make a better Security Chief, than you.

After a long sip of her brothy drink, and putting it back down, her eyes intently locked on him.

R'ariel: I know you know this, but just like a peace officer in a city street on any planet, your department, and similarly the marines, have dedicated their lives to sacrifice, for the increase of peace and safety of others.  The sacrifice was made when they took the oath.  That was neither your doing, nor your responsibility.

All the pretty words and compliments could hardly replace the screams, and graphic images in his head.

R'Ariel: There are many many species and even more cultures that believe that the end of one's life is pre-determined by a kind of fate, and it is the journey that actually matters. ::she paused, as she rubbed her left ear:: If you were to ask me if I believe this to be true, I'm not sure what my answer would be, but, I know you, you add so much meaning to those under your command, the sense of purpose and honor that I feel in your teams is beautiful.

The Magna Roman pantheon, whom he followed had the three Fates, who wove the shroud of reality. He hadn't really thought of them, or their weavings. Not even the gods could escape what they had wove. 

Serinus: We have a job to do, a very important job. I take that responsibility seriously, that is all.

R'Ariel: We are in the presence of the memories of heroes, and that can't be all bad.

Serinus: Indeed.

R'ariel: I guess that makes you the Chief of Heroes.

R'Ariel smiled at him then sipped her Baghol once more.

He returned her smile, the small, professional smile he was famed for. He didn't feel like a hero. He still felt like a failure.

Serinus: We all have our jobs to do, Counselor.

R'Ariel: Response

Serinus: None of this changes that I stood so close to two men dying unspeakable deaths.

R'Ariel: Response



- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

   Chief of Security

   USS Arrow, 


   Publicity Team/Social Media Team

   C239607AS0 -

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