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Joseph George

Oct 10, 2020, 11:55:49 PM10/10/20
((Deck 1, Bridge, K.M.S. Kasseka))

DaiMon Blet sat in his command chair and smiled, baring his fiercely sharpened teeth. Another lovely day to make profit. It had come to his attention that the Fulcut loan was overdue by 3 whole days. By the terms of the contract, it was in default. All that was left to do was collect.

Blet: Coms, hail the Maria.

Gurd: Right away, DiaMon.

Gurd quickly punched in a few commands, and the face of a dark skinned human man in his late fourties to mid fifties soon appeared on the view screen. He was bald, had a closely trimmed gray beard, with coarse, curly hairs. His frame was drapped by simple brown robes.

Fulcut: DaiMon Blet.

Blet grinned at the screen, he felt so smug in that moment. An acquisition like this always lightened his mood. In fact, this was his biggest get yet. He'd stripped several ships of all but the bare essentials, never before had he gotten a whole ship from the deal. She was a small ship, no larger than five or six shuttles laid end to end, but was a magnificent prize nonetheless, with her high turning radius and one of the best civilian engines created in Federation space.

Blet: Mr Fulcut. Please hand over the ship immediately. 

Fulcut: I didn't know you had resorted to piracy DiaMon.

Blet felt the blood rush to his face, as he squinted disdainfully, baring his teeth and hissing.

Blet: Mr Fulcut, you are the one who's robbing me!

There was a considerable change of tone in the hooman's voice.

Fulcut: Please DiaMon, the Sheliak. . .

The DiaMon made a throat cutting motion with his right hand.

Blet: Sheliak, beliak. You were 2 days late on last month's payment, Mr Fulcut. Who opens a trading post on a half dried up mining moon?

The hooman had nothing to say about that.

Blet: So when can I collect my ship, and more importantly, it's cargo.

Fulcut: We don't owe you that much. Can't we have an extension?

A solid ha escaped the DiaMon's mouth.

Blet: Mr Fulcut, if I may call your attention to our contract. Section 5, subsection b, paragraph 6, sentence 10. "If the lendee defaults for no less than 3 Terran days, the lender is entitled to whatever he sees as rightful compensation."  Now when?

Fulcut's face sunk as he read the downright unfair fine print.

Fulcut: That's ridiculous. I demand arbitration. 

A grin spread on Blet's face.

Blet: You'll find my legal advisor would make those Sheliak so very envious, Mr Fulcut. Are you sure you want to go through all of that just to lose in the end?  

The hooman slumped in resignation.

Fulcut: Very well. We'll plot a course for your current location.

Blet was overwhelmed with joy.

Blet: Time, like latinum, is a highly limited commodity. Rule of Acquisition 240. So please hurry. If you're a good sport, I may even have a place for you in my employ.

Fulcut's resignation turned to anger quickly.

Fulcut: I'd rather be eaten by the Chalnoth! Slowly. . .

As the man prepared to close the channel, DiaMon Blet tsked at him twice.

Blet: And leave the children with one less parent? ::He paused for effect:: Then, I suppose I might have an opening for their mother.

He smiled again at his prey, having stalked and devoured him no less than a Chalnoth would have. It was a wide, glint in the eye smile, making no intent to hide the lecherous nature of his latest threat.

Fulcut: When do I start? 

Blet: ::Nonchalantly:: You can help us transfer your cargo over, once you dock in the shuttle bay.  See you soon, and thanks again.

After you've exploited someone, it never hurts to thank them. That way, it's easier to exploit them next time. Rule of Acquisition 299.

After all, he was about to give the man a job!


K.M.S. Kasseka

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Lieutenant Artinus Serinus
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USS Arrow,  NCC-69829
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