Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus - Strength without immediate threat.

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Joseph George

Sep 26, 2022, 9:37:20 PMSep 26
((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Arrow))

His NCOS were busy with the enlisted Security personnel preparing them for the worst, the entire team reviewing the boarding protocols. The briefing had gone off without a hitch, thanks in part to the new information provided to him by Commander MacKenna.

Hallam: Sir! Long range sensors are detecting a ship heading directly on an intercept course. High warp.

Rodan: Confirm?

A quick glance at the tactical display told the Magna Roman Security Chief everything that he needed to know.

Serinus: Straight shot at Warp 8.5

O'Malley: Response

This ship, whatever its purpose, was desperate to get to the Arrow quickly. With fortune, its intentions were honorable.

Shayne: Active scans on the incoming ships. Let them know we see them. 


Ship. Which was odd, by Chalnoth standards. Perhaps they were trying not to frighten the Arrow, for good or nefarious purposes, only time would tell.

O'Malley/Anyone: Response

It seemed that  the FO shared his confusion. 

Rodan: One ship? That doesn't make sense... Chalnoth hunt in packs...

Hopefully, they weren't hunting.


The ship dropped into impulse before them, and then quickly split apart, the two new sections flanking their back.


Rodan: We're surrounded...


Shayne: Red alert. Shields to full, weapons hot, load torpedoes and standby. 


Serinus: Aye, sir.

He tapped a few buttons, watched his console and echoed the completed order back.

Serinus: Shields full, weapons hot, torpedoes loaded and on standby.


Rodan: They're hailing us.


Shayne: On screen. 


Messoq: =/\= USS Arrow. I am Captain Messoq of the ICV Saracen. I would speak with you. =/\=



Shayne: =/\=Captain Shayne. I look forward to it- though I doubt three ships are necessary for a conversation. How do you plan to go about this? =/\=


Messoq: =/\= Face to face, as is the custom of my people. ::Beat.:: Prepare for my arrival. =/\=


The terms were not quite acceptable as it stood.


Shayne: =/\=We’ll be glad to beam you aboard, but not with your ships in an attack formation around us.=/\= 


Messoq:=/\= And if we don't? =/\=


Then, they would get nothing, except a fight. But if the Arrow happened to lose that, gods help them all.


Shayne: =/\=The longer you delay, the longer it takes us to get you the help you need. Recollect your ships so we can get started.=/\= 


Messoq: =/\= ::Long pause.:: Agreed. Prepare for our arrival. =/\=

The channel was closed, and they would choose the welcome entourage soon, a duty he felt most qualified for, not only because of his skill in his job, but by being the son of two diplomats. 


Shayne: Standby to lower shields, but on my mark and not a moment before. Mr. Dewitt, any signs of damage on the ene… the Chalnoth vessels? 


Dewitt: Response 


Shayne: Are they moving out of an attack formation? 

Artinus watched the tac display carefully, as the two rear vessels powered up their engines and swung back around to meet their flagship.

Serinus: Affirmative, Captain.


Rodan/Bridge: Response 

Artinus swiveled his chair back around to face the rest of the bridge, and stood.

Serinus: I feel it's best that your Security Chief accompany you to the rendezvous, sir. ::break:: For everyone's safety.

oOMostly oursOo

Shayne: Response

Rodan/Bridge: Response 

Artinus followed along with the Captain and the rest of the welcome party, and stepped into the turbolift.


Serinus: It is important, I think, that we convey strength without immediate threat.

Shayne/Any: Response



- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

   Chief of Security

   USS Arrow, 


   Publicity Team/Social Media Team

   C239607AS0 -

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