LTJG Nolen Hobart — The Very Best Man

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Isaac Bresnick

Nov 28, 2023, 7:23:14 PM11/28/23

((Corridor, Outside Dewitt Quarters, Deck 3, USS Arrow, Some Ungodly Hour))

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hobart pressed the contact impatiently to trigger a chime within Lieutenant Dewitt’s quarters. He was agitated, and it was taking Connor a long time to answer, so he pressed it again. And again. And then he just held it down until the door opened and a groggy, half-dressed Chief Engineer presented himself.

Hobart: Stag do.

Dewitt: Response

Nolen pushed his way inside. This would normally be a reckless course of action, but he’d checked the duty schedule for the day and found a time when Lieutenant Jacin should be at her post, while Dewitt was not. Luckily, nobody swapped.

Hobart: Stag. Do. You’re human, it’s an Earth thing! ::pointing a finger:: You tricked me into being your best man, and now I’ve got to do a bunch of… things.

Dewitt: Response

Hobart: I read an article, Connor. A whole article! Beginning to end!

Nolen was pacing by this point. He produced a PADD.

Dewitt: Response

Hobart: They said I’m supposed to plan this at least six months ahead, so you have to promise not to get married until after that. Because if I happen to schedule it in the same shoreleave, you won’t be able to attend your own wedding!

Because, obviously, that's the sensible priority to set.

Dewitt: Response

He plopped down in a chair and held the PADD at the ready, preparing to write. Only then did he look around at the state of the room. Immaculately clean. It caused him to shudder.

Hobart: ::muttering:: Unnatural. ::normal voice:: Okay. So, right now, you’re going to help me come up with a list of people you want to attend, and then another list of all the things you don’t want to do. And then I go off and wrangle everybody on the first list to go do all the things that aren’t on the second one.

Dewitt: Response

Nolen nodded in triumph as Connor replicated himself a caffeinated beverage and accepted his fate. 

Hobart: Okay, good. Just start throwing out names. I’ll write them down.

Dewitt: Response

The junior engineer’s face contorted with a look of horror instantly.

Hobart: No! Wrong, absolutely not. Vetoed. You can’t invite the Captain to your bachelor party.

Dewitt: Response



Lieutenant Junior Grade Nolen Hobart

Engineering Officer

USS Arrow (NCC-69829)


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