Lieutenant JG Hayley Caden - Separation Anxiety.

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Ben Stryker

Sep 14, 2021, 6:32:38 PMSep 14
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( The Space Hulk, Docking corridor service area ))

R'Ariel: Did you hear that?

A sickening crunch underfoot alerted Hayley toward the floor. Turning to R’Ariel, she shook her head and lifted her foot upward to inspect the underside of her sole. Visible signs of organic material were displayed. Scanning her sole with her tricorder, she exclaimed with disgust. She inadvertently stepped on a bug. Placing her foot down, she attempted to wipe the residue of the alien bug against the console before reasserting herself as best as she can.

Caden: I heard nothing.

That part was true. The ancient ship bugged her. It felt humid just by being in here. The smell started to get to her. It was old and stale. It felt like a bad place for her. She could sense dread and danger. Keeping her composure the same, she kept her focus on the ancient computer to continue the download.

Waters: Response

Rodan: Are you getting anything, Commander?

Serinus No sir, but I've got eyes open.

Rodan: I suggest caution. We'll try and refine the scanners to be more precise. What about the Ferengi? 

Caden: I don’t know enough about the Ferengi but I have downloaded some of the systems about this ship. I believe I have found a data cache and downloaded it into my tricorder

It was hard for sure, but she found some way to get past the encryption. It was old and deteriorating.

Waters//R'Ariel: Response

Rodan: =/\= This is Lt.Commander Maz Rodan of the Federation Starship Arrow to anyone within range of this frequency. I'm speaking specifically to the Ferengi boarding teams. Can you read me? =/\=

Grixon:=/\=This is the First, Grixon, I bid you welcome, federation Rodan.=/\=

Rodan: =/\= Greetings to you, First. ::He rolled his eyes at the sycophantic nature of Ferengi businessmen.:: We're aboard the ship. I suggest we work together and pool our research in order to complete this mission quickly and profitably. =/\= 

Grixon:=/\= Excellent, I have started to explore. I am sending you a signal.::Tapping a homing control on the tricorder.=/\= 

Serinus: Shral, on me. ::He waited for the Vulcan to report.:: You watch the left, I'll get the right.

Waters/R'Ariel/Rodan: Response

Caden: I’m almost done-

The scream echoed down the darkened corridor. Hayley looked toward the sound and felt fear coming toward her. It was horrifying dread. Gathering a long breath, she attempted to calm herself and finish gathering the information.

Grixon: =/\= I have been attacked! What are you doing Federation, we come in profit and peace! =/\=

Rodan: =/\= Grixon? What's happening? =/\=

Grixon: =/\= I don’t know but I am reporting this insult to my Captain!=/\=::Breathing hard.::

Rodan: =/\= Get to our coordinates! Fast as you can. We'll haggle over the inventory later!=/\=

Away Team: Response

Hayley watched her surroundings as new members joined their group. She appeared preoccupied by whatever was coming toward them.

Jones: Sir, are we still assuming search and rescue? 

Rodan: I think we're a little late for rescue, Chief.

Jones: Orders?

Rodan: Perform a perimeter sweep and assist the Ferengi. We're getting off this...

The Ferengi came running and screaming from the far side of the expansive corridor. The lights were dim but not dim enough to obscure the sheer terror etched into the pointy-toothed jowls of the Ferengi boarding party. Behind them was something huge, and green, and snapping jaws hot on the heels of the escaping looters. Hayley watched as her eyes widened at what was coming toward them.

Rodan: ::Quietly.:: What in the name of the Holy Caves…

Hayley turned toward Rodan for a few brief moments. Wrenching her face back toward the creature, she felt herself frozen on the spot and unable to respond.

Serinus//Waters/R'Ariel/Jones: Response

The attacker was a Gorn. But no Gorn Maz had ever seen. It was different somehow. And on the attack. He saw Grixon and the survivors of his team run towards them. Time was up...

Rodan: Everyone back to the shuttle... NOW!

Rodan’s shout managed to rip her from whatever stance she appeared to be on. Backpedaling, she tapped on her PADD and responded.

Caden: I might be able to slow it down. I have access to the systems. I think.

Serinus/Rodan/Waters/R'Ariel/Jones/Grixon: Response

Going to the nearby console while running toward the shuttle, Hayley tapped into the system and keyed in a few commands. She had time to learn about the ship while downloading the specs. Keeping her focus, she tapped in a command

Caden: Alright, I think I’ve got-

Hayley looked up as she noticed some alarms coming off. Suddenly the door started to move and it blocked off the corridor. The door neatly passed over Hayley's foot as the walls moved.

Caden: Oh crap.

Serinus/Rodan/Waters/R'Ariel/Jones/Grixon: Response

During her system access, she tripped some kind of security override. It cut off her as well as several others’ access from the others. It blocked this ancient Gorn creature from advancing further, but it separated her and the other others from the other group. Hayley looked around and noted that including herself, Rodan, Jones and Grixon became separated from the main group. They were safe. For now.

Rodan/Jones/Grixon: Response


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