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Jesse F

Nov 28, 2023, 9:40:14 PM11/28/23

Just decided to put out a short sim to clarify a few things I realized
might not have been clear from my initial post, while I had the chance.

((Shuttlecraft -- Deep Space))

The immediate danger, two Cardassian cruisers in pursuit, had passed.
But now, concussed, Eliza had a hard time staying conscious. She lay in
a heap on the floor, bloodied, bruised, and struggling to remain aware.
She had cried out with as much energy as she could... but she felt
nothing... no one. She was alone.

The atmosphere of the shuttle was contaminated. On top of feeling faint
and struggling for awareness, as Eliza fought her way back to
consciousness a few minutes later, she started to cough. Her lungs were
burning... and she soon became aware of the reason why.

Computer: Warning. Hydrazine gas leak.

Eliza tried to struggle up to a sitting position, holding her breath as
her eyes tried to focus on the dim interior of the alliance shuttle she
occupied, a tough monster of Cardassian design. But not tough enough.

If anyone was out there... she had to find them. But to do that, Eliza
Tull had to stay alive. As she focused as hard as she could on the
computer's warning, she tried to reach out with her mind again. To send
her experience, what she saw, what she heard, into the void. Except this
time, she was too numb to feel terrified.

Tull: oO Is anybody out there? Oo

Eliza felt like a small child as she hoped, desperately, that someone,
anyone would hear her cry for help. See her damaged shuttle on their
sensors. But she knew how vast space was. She knew where she was in that
vastness... her chances of rescue might not have been good... but they
still existed. Incredibly slim because of how few of her kind were left,
but... it was something.

She needed to survive. Somehow. To ease the burning on her lungs.

Tull: Computer. ::coughing:: Reduce... life support... to minimum
survival requirements.

Computer: Acknowledged.

Tull felt the air thin instantly. But at least, the less air was being
pumped into the cabin, the less gas would hopefully be pumped in along
with it.

She was tired...

Slumping against the console behind her, Eliza could no longer continue
her mental broadcast. Her face continuing to bleed, she felt
unconsciousness claim her once again...

But maybe, just maybe, someone would pick up on what she was sending
out. Maybe they would find her.



Eliza Tull

Alliance Escapee

As simmed by

Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters

Mission Specialist

USS Arrow, NCC-69829

Writer ID: E239601CW0


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