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((Deck 1, Captain's Ready Room, USS Arrow)) Shayne: Commander, your disagreement is reasonable. Perhaps you feel I’m not taking your thoughts seriously. Whatever the case, whatever the appearance, whatever the personal and professional risk to me… this crew comes first. Every person. Every time. 


Rodan: The needs of the many...


An unexpected sentiment from the first officer, though Shayne supposed when it came to joined Trills, unexpected must be the order of the day. He’d expected an uphill battle trying to convince his first officer that the action had been reasonable and necessary, and a tiny part of him was even disappointed. But he knew that it was better that Rodan show solidarity in this moment of strife, and the captain could not help but be pleased with the collaborative spirit of the young, and yet old, man. 


Shayne: The needs of the many. 


He nodded slowly, confirming the sentiment. 


Rodan: You should have known what you were letting yourself in for when you appointed me. If you wanted a "Yes Man", you picked the wrong Trill.

Shayne barked with laughter, for a variety of reasons. Frost’s recent advice broiled in his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel an iota of pride that he’d never shrunk away from other perspectives presented my his officers. Then again, he’d never wanted to. Yes men were damning to everyone around them. 


Shayne: If I wanted a “Yes Man”, I’d have gone into business. I’m not looking to be sucked up to. That said, don’t think your words were close to the most rebellious I’ve heard in this office- you should see Commander Serinus when he’s dead set on something. 


In those early months, Serinus had not been afraid to speak his mind, and that usually involved either questioning Shayne’s methods in public, or outright refusing to support more extreme actions the captain was contemplating. The stolid security officer had likely been responsible for at least the initial success of their mission at Theta 122, and his performance since then spoke for itself. 


Rodan: So... this T'Vaz. What's her deal?


Shayne: Your guess is as good as mine, though I’ve invited her to dinner for just that reason. Care to join us? 


There was learning to be done, and there was a pantry full of still-fresh food to finally rid themselves of. Shore leave was not a concept Shayne was known for accepting, but that didn’t mean he’d avoid the occasional indulgence if duty allowed it. 


Rodan: Well my mother always told me never to decline a gracious invitation.


Shayne: Gracious, yes, but a working dinner. We need to get a firm hand on this woman’s motives. I don’t trust a free lunch- that’s why I’m providing it this time. 


Cynicism was not a particularly beneficial trait for Starfleet officers, and especially not Starfleet captains. But while that mentality was perfectly suited for the Alpha Quadrant, the fact was that, on the border of what was known, Starfleet crews were frequently surrounded by cultures that had no such high-minded ideals, and it was a constant struggle to balance reasonable optimism with earned, learned pessimism. 


Rodan: Response 


Shayne: I expect Commander MacKenna to join us; I’d like an Intelligence officer there to pick up on things we might not. Any of the senior staff is welcome, as long as they remember the goal. 


Shayne brought up MacKenna’s expected presence casually, but it was a tuned gambit, designed to normalize his reliance on Ash as one of his officers, and not simply his partner. If they were going to make this work, they’d need to convince the senior staff that they could work together without falling to pieces. That he could work with her without falling to pieces. 


Rodan: Response 


Shayne: Shall I ask chef to prepare you something special? This is your shore leave too, despite the paperwork.

Some enjoyed holodecks. Others wanted romantic and relaxing experiences next to volcanic vents. For Shayne, the joy came in figuring people out; questions and inquires were not only a part of his job but a pastime that he’d learned to enjoy immensely. 

Rodan: Response 



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