Lieutenant Chloe Waters: And?

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Oct 15, 2021, 12:59:14 AMOct 15
((Smiley's Bar, Leisure Level -- Raft-One))

Waters: Alcohol would interfere with my ability to maintain my mental
barriers. I do not feel comfortable willingly putting myself in a
situation where they would be reduced.

Chloe looked up at R'Ariel as she spoke, unable to keep her eyes away
from her companion suddenly. R'Ariel was truly stunning. Chloe didn't
know why she felt this way. A drink was the last thing on her mind,
though. She didn't need one, alcoholic or otherwise. She just wanted to
enjoy this time with her... friend?

It was hard as hell for Chloe to approach R'Ariel in the first place.
She had struggled outside her office for countless minutes, probably,
but now that she'd worked up the ability to say hello... she felt free.
Chloe wanted to open up to this woman, to tell her everything. To share
everything. It was strange, it went against her completely closed
mindset in general, yet with R'Ariel around Chloe couldn't not feel safe
and secure.

R'Ariel: Interesting, if you don't mind my asking, what would happen?

Waters: If they were, my crown would broadcast any and all thoughts. I
would be powerless to prevent it. The prospect is frankly... terrifying.

It was terrifying, and it was something Chloe had experienced before.
Before, when she had her own quarters, it wasn't a problem. But moving
in with Alvarez meant the other woman couldn't get any sleep, because
her implant did not have an off switch.

Then there was the incident in the Eagle's computer core. She and Gavin
had gone down there... to do what she couldn't quite remember. What she
did remember as clear as day was the sound. The sound of a large,
metallic claw piercing the hull in the very room they were standing in.
The sound of air being blown out into space... and her nearly along with it.

Impacting the forcefield that snapped into place had saved her, however
Chloe had, rather unfortunately, been knocked unconscious for a short
time. It wasn't long, but it was enough for Chloe to feel a deep sense
of embarrassment. It wasn't the only time her devices         failed
her, and when they did things never got easier. She wouldn't put herself
through that deliberately.

R'Ariel: Well then, we definitely won't let that happen.  I tell you
what, we can both have some baghol, it is non alcoholic, and you can
pick something to eat, if your hungry. You serve baghol right?

R'Ariel looked up and Chloe followed her gaze. Standing before them was
an unfamiliar alien male who was nodding his head at her query. Chloe
felt like she knew what race he was, but the name escaped her at the moment.

What didn't escape Chloe however was the man's stare. He was staring at
R'Ariel in a somewhat unfriendly manner. She frowned slightly at him,
then turned back to her friend.

Waters: It is appreciated. I do not wish you to feel you cannot order
something alcoholic if you wish to. I know how much stress you have been
under as of late. But I cannot and will not partake, as the consequences
could be... problematic.

R'Ariel: I certainly understand, I would feel terrible if something
happened to you.  I know, I can't abide alcohol, myself, my Caitian
physiology reacts very poorly to it, which is a major shame, as I
understand most Deltans enjoy it immensely.

Waters: Perhaps it is for the best, though.

R'Ariel: I just really needed a change of pace, some new carefree auras
to be around, you know?

Chloe was about to respond when she noticed R'Ariel's gaze flicking
upward. Her eyes followed suit and she saw him, the bar tender, still
staring at R'Ariel. Had he even moved?

Chloe looked back to R'Ariel, noticing the rapid movement of her tail
and the trapped look on her face. She fixed her with a reassuring look
before getting to her feet with intent. Her height probably wouldn't
have made much difference... she wasn't naturally scary. She didn't
intend to be, though.

Waters: Is there a problem? You seem to be quite fixated on my friend.

Bartender: Response

Waters: And?

Chloe let her single word question hang in the air, as if she had just
dropped a hammer on the tender's head. She turned to R'Ariel and offered
her a relaxed smile. R'Ariel wasn't a typical Caitian, she wasn't a
typical Deltan. But her appearance didn't matter to Chloe, nor should it
to others. It changed nothing about who she was, and if Chloe was being
honest she appreciated that R'Ariel was around her own height. It made
things... a lot simpler, in some ways.

Bartender/R'Ariel: Response

Waters: I believe we are ready to order now.

R'Ariel/Bartender: Response

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