Commander Ash MacKenna - The Mist Churns

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Marissa Jeffrey

Oct 15, 2021, 10:42:45 AMOct 15
to USS Arrow

(( Holodecks, Recreation Area, RAFT-ONE))

The mist curled around her as she sidestepped the boots, which seemed to look at her as she moved beyond them. Such thoughts were strange, and it struck her as supremely odd. How would one begin to avoid the dire gaze of a thing as a pair of empty boots? Her face hidden in her long hair, which had been allowed to be free and fall around her face, the thin woman rushed past and into the thickening cloud of white that seemed to whirl around her.

Hope: Huh?

The sound of a word - or sound itself - seemed to echo into the air around her. Curiously, she looked to the right, and then to the left, but saw no one. All that existed was a white cloud which rolled like smoke, but could not be felt nor experienced. Unless of course it carried with it the chill which seemed to be the entire room. The air upon which everything was, and everything sat, was almost like ice crystals dancing on tiny thermals throughout spirals in the sky. 

The rushing sound of footsteps caused her to spin, her hair splaying out wildly, her eyes seeing nothing, but the sound of conversation meeting her porcelain ears.

Hope: Why did I enter?

The sound of one clearing their throat was the return.

Mason: Lieutenant, are you aware of where you are right now?  ::slipping off her light jacket, Cassie hands it to Lieutenant Hope.:: Klingons are more susceptible to the cold, right? Take it.

Hope: Response

Mason: You both seemed almost in a trance, I followed to make sure you were both alright.

Both? Ash turned again. This time though, the mist started to clear slightly and finally revealed a few things. First, other people. She leaned her head to the side ever so slightly staring just beyond the two, but enough in their direction that perhaps they would not think her to be rude. To the side, an antique grandfather clock with hands ticking as loud as they were speaking demanded that they all stop and pay attention. The mists swirled in the wake of the pendulum that swung beneath it, as if it were wrapping them around it and sending them towards some otherworldly task. 

Mason: Whatever this is, it’s very restless...

Ash thought that response interestingly on point. Restless indeed. She looked around and wondered where the repair crew had gone. Were they even in there?

MacKenna: I tend to agree.

Any: Response

The one who had just spoken suddenly startled, seeming to almost jump into the woman next to her. From behind the relative safety of her barricade of hair, Ash looked on with a face full of questions, which must have been understood. 

Mason: Sorry, sorry. ::Reminding herself this is just a holodeck, she steadies herself and smooths out her clothes.:: Something touched me, I...I can’t see anything through this fog.

Ash looked back, behind her and caught something. It was as if the same figure were standing in the mist. Unlike the people in the room, the redhead found herself able to look at whatever this was squarely, without having to look over or beyond or around. And at the bottom of whatever misty figure was there, were the very same boots which had greeted them at the door.

MacKenna: Perhaps it was the boots. Nothing to worry about.

She pointed. They were there. Also, they were in a holodeck. It was alright. Right?

Any: Response

Mason: Right, sorry. Panicking won't help...

Trying to share in that sentiment, Ash nodded. Somewhere in the distance, she thought she could hear the repair crews working. There were sounds that seemed to be those of conversation. Suddenly she felt incredibly disoriented, just before she heard another voice. One that was familiar this time.

Collins: Response?

MacKenna: Oh! Quentin...

She felt both relieved and startled as he popped into view through the mist. Still, a friend in a place like this seemed like a good thing, no matter how he ended up there.

Any: Response

The clock, which had been demanding of attention, suddenly chimed. It was Ash's turn to nearly jump out of her skin.

Collins/Mason/Hope: Responses?

And then the boots, which she could have sworn had previously held some kind of mist-form, moved past them all and ran into the distance. The conversation sounds ended, stopped, but the distant echoes of boots against the deck continued despite the tick-tocking of the clock. 

MacKenna: Do we follow them?

Collins/Mason/Hope/Any: Responses?



Commander Ash MacKenna
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Arrow


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