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Brian Joseph Kosir

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((Holodeck, Deck 4, USS Arrow))

Orsalen: Um, is it alright if I just sit here?

Talia smiled and patted the empty space beside her.

Ohnari: Absolutely! Join us, please. ::smiling:: Care for a drink? ::pausing:: Just...uh...don't think too hard about it. OR ask Nolen.

Nolen smirked mischievously.

Piweh: Also, feel free to snack, if you feel so inclined. That goes for all of you. :break:: We're going to play soccer later, but I have to finish roasting these fish first.

Hobart: Yep, there’s gonna be a brawl and Ohnari’s gonna say who wins. ::beat:: Because she’s a drunk squirrel. A squirtle, if you will.

Ohnari/Berry: Response

Avar sat down next to Dr. Ohnari. She was feeling a bit better about being here. oO I shouldn't be surprised by being accepted. Oo

Oh why, oh why, can't I?

Piweh: Computer, pause playlist. ::The computer beeped twice, and Piweh turned to their crew mates.:: Should I put on the more lively list?

Ohnari/Berry/Any: Response

Orsalen: Anything would be fine.

As the music picked up, Avar stared out at the ocean. She had rarely seen oceans like this, while Mokalar had an expansive ocean, she mostly seen it from ports converted to accept spacecraft. It had a calming sort of effect. She knew Earth was known for its beaches; was this a real place, or invented? Either way it was pleasant.

Hobart: I hear you’re a space hobo, Ensign.

Hobo? If Avar remembered correctly, that was a Terran subculture of homeless transients. And something about a “Hobo War”, but she didn't see how that fit in.

Orsalen: I don't know if I'd call myself a hobo. We did have on apartment back on Rigel II, and my parents were employed by the company.

Berry/Ohnari/Piweh/Any: Response

Hobart: It’s not an insult, I’m making conversation! ::back to Orsalen, smiling:: I think we’re kindred spirits. I grew up more stationary than a freighter, but not always less precariously. Relva VIII, mining colony.

Orsalen: We delivered to some of those on our Expanse route. Is Relva VIII a terrestrial planet, or did you live on a moon or station orbiting an ice giant?

Berry/Hobart/Ohnari/Piweh/Any: Response

Orsalen: I've always loved ice giants. I made a whole bunch of recordings of siren calls, they always had better ones than the gas giants, I think.

Berry/Hobart/Ohnari/Piweh/Any: Response

Ensign Avar Orsalen

Operations Officer

USS Arrow


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