NPC Father Edward Morgan - Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Regan Wilde

Jan 14, 2021, 1:37:02 PMJan 14

  ((Theta 122 - Encampment near the water source))

There was much to do in the camp at the moment. The last few hours in the caves had been illuminating. The Gods were more active than usual, and getting increasingly so; They were uneasy. Erratic. Edward Morgan didn't understand the reason; he was sure They would explain the situation if They saw fit, but the members of the Brotherhood were getting agitated at the God's unrest. Talk and rumours were rife and he was sure he'd have to address them soon in order to keep order.

He stood in the entrance to the Sacred Caves and worried his chin with his hand. He could feel the worry of the Gods. He believed thoroughly that he had an unspoken bond with Them. They spoke to him in private, away from the others. Something was going to happen. He could feel it.

The others in the Brotherhood were busy with their work - taking stock of supplies, general maintenance, and organising the layout of the camp. At least it would keep them occupied. Edward turned to face the camp. He wished he could alay this nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach. The Gods' recent behaviour worried him. There was no denying it. He hoped whatever happened his flock would keep the faith.

Suddenly, and without warning, a large dark shadow appeared overhead. Some sort of giant vessel in orbit? He turned his face to the sky and shielded his eyes with his hand. Perhaps the God's were right. Something was happening.

A giant blue energy beam erupted from the hull of the alien vessel and struck the planet not far from their position. The energy was strong and steady and Edward had to shield his eyes more to get a better view. Storms of sand and debris were hurtling around the landscape.

Morgan: Good heavens!

The Brotherhood members were panicking now. Running around to secure the camp, there was a lot of noise and hysteria above the loud energy weapon. From his tent, Cheldon the Andorian raised the alarm.

Ch'Doro: The Sacred Reservoir, look!

The caves which contained the reservoir, and the Chamber of the Gods, had been engulfed in the energy beam from the attacking ship. His mouth fell agape. Who dares commit such a blasphemous atrocity against those which gave life to this planet? Such trespass must be punished. He waved his arms in the air to attract the enforcers attention.

Morgan: Brother Cheldon! Hurry!

When the large Andorian arrived, he guided him into the mouth of the caves.

Ch'Doro: Response

Morgan: Gather the others, grab as many provisions as you can carry and bring them here.

Ch'Doro: Response

Morgan: I intend to scan the structural integrity of the caves. We need to secure the Chamber.

Ch'Doro: Response

Morgan: Keep your faith, Brother. We will secure the Chamber and I will consult with the Gods. Then, my friend, we will have revenge for this blasphemy!

Ch'Doro/Anyone: Response


Father Edward Morgan
Spiritual Leader
The Brotherhood of Thet

As simmed by

Lieutenant(jg) Regan Wilde
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
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