PNPC Ens. Imogen Lacy — The Day the Arrow Stood Still

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Isaac Bresnick

Nov 30, 2023, 2:12:47 PM11/30/23

((Shuttlebay 2, Deck 3, USS Arrow, at Deep Space Thirty-Three, The Alpha Isles))

Ensign Lacy looked down once again at the PADD that contained her life’s new trajectory as she stepped through the type-8 shuttlecraft’s aft hatch, stopping briefly on its ramp. The Arrow was tiny, as far as ships of the line went, but even on a Saber-class the shuttlebays had a way of making one feel small.

She wasn't given a choice on her assignment, though any other Cadet in her class rank would have been given their pick of the fleet. If she had been given a choice, she wouldn't have selected the Arrow. Maybe a deep space research vessel, somewhere. The Rhode Island, perhaps. Had she never heard of Gamma Wing or the Libris, maybe she'd have been courted by command officers across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Across the galaxy, even. But she'd more than heard of those things. She was a part of them, and they her. She was their only true survivor. Cadet T’dal quit the Academy once she returned, settling for a quieter life on Vulcan, and Gerald… well, he wasn't quite Gerry anymore. Maybe he never would be. And now the Arrow had her. Scooped her up, intending to gloat, perhaps. The pettiness of it, more than anything else, ate at her.

Someone cleared their throat, and caused Ginny to wonder how long she'd been standing there, looking wistful. A tall, solid-built Bolian Lieutenant JG, decked in the same gold as she, stared at her, unimpressed. But he wasn't an engineer. Not judging by the sidearm at his hip.

Zenno: Response

Ensign Lacy nodded in confirmation and waved the PADD indicatively. She allowed her duffel strap to slip off her shoulder, and still gripped it by its short handles, the bag tugged on her as her fist braked it from hitting the floor.

Lacy: ::resigned:: I suppose you're my minder. Short straw, sir?

Zenno: Response

A slender, chestnut-hued eyebrow shot up beneath Imogen’s tightly bunned hair, and her green eyes narrowed.

Lacy: ::soft chuckle:: I didn't cause the trouble, last time.

Zenno: Response

Ensign Lacy looked around the shuttlebay, as if to search for an ambush. Once she stepped off the ramp, it would be an entirely new world to inhabit, and given the welcome she’d received, she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to go through with it. But the Arrow hadn’t gotten her to quit before, and she was determined not to let it do so now.

Lacy: ::soft shrug:: Well, sir, take me to your leader, I suppose.

Zenno: Response



Ensign Imogen “Ginny” Lacy

Engineering Officer

USS Arrow (NCC-69829)

as simmed by

Lieutenant Junior Grade Nolen Hobart

Engineering Officer

USS Arrow (NCC-69829)


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