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((OOC: Computer breaking, car breaking, personal drama, medical appointments. Murphy’s piling on, so apologies for the delays. Again.))

((The 'Billable Hours,' Shuttlebay 2, USS Arrow))

Gott: Come in, come in!  The carpet likes you!  The undulations are a sure sign.  Well, or I need to feed it again.  Either way I'd say you're in great shape.  Now please, take a seat and tell me what's on your mind.  You've Gott my attention!

Seesh continued to somehow be both pleasantly surprised and not surprised at all. The room around them was a deep maroon with a garish yet gentle pattern in lavish latinum ornamentation. The unsurprising bit was it was filled with various trinkets and garish art. All of which no doubt had a story behind it, but he couldn’t help but think that one harsh bit of turbulence and, between this collection and the swamp below, his meticulously arranged yacht would look like a supernova hit it, all while the Blessed Exchequer by the door there would get a front row seat to the chaos.

Even considering all that, the carpet was still the most distracting bit as he started to talk.

oO Feed it? What do you feed a carpet? Do I even want to know? Oo

Seesh: Well, I assume you know we’re headed to Freecloud, if we’re not already there. Hard to keep up when everything has been either Sickbay or sleeping.

Gott clapped his hands together in obvious glee. No surprise to Seesh, but that wasn’t met with a roll of the eyes this time. As dangerous as a place so unregulated was, it was full of opportunity for pleasure seekers, businessmen, and scoundrels alike.

Gott: Indeed, Freecloud is such a fine enterprising planet I was downright shocked when I discovered your ship was headed that way.  It'll give me a wonderful opportunity to check up on some of my local investments.  Young man named Sneed handles my accounts - lot of promise, that one.  I just hope he doesn't lose his head chasing profit down there!  But what about you, Mr. Sheeps?  Planning on finding a nice warm rock to stretch out on?  Maybe with some reptilian company?  

Seesh: Oh, there will be plenty of those sorts of antics without my help, I’m sure. I do need to unwind, I agree on that much. Not really sure I know how.

Gott clacked his teeth together. Another bit of annoyance? Seesh raised an eye ridge as Gott popped a grub in the middle of their therapy session. As for himself, he didn’t really care, he just usually tended to avoid eating around people, he knew it could be off-putting.

Gott: I swear, it's like a plague with you Starfleet people.  Don't they teach you anything at that famous Academy of yours?

Ah, so that was the annoyance.

Seesh: Of course. Academy helped broaden my knowledge, sharpen up what I already have, even find a couple new interests. Most importantly, I wouldn’t be half the doctor I am without it.

Gott sighed and rearranged a few pillows.  

Gott:  No no, I meant anything important!  How are you supposed to keep functioning for years on end in some tacky Starfleet bucket like the one you're stuck on with no idea of how to unwind!  Don't worry though, I've Gott a great set of exercises to help you get started and it'll build on that mental ledger you've already been working on.  Mr. Sneeze, it's time for your first entertainment audit!

A look of clear annoyance did creep back onto his face for a bit. If partly because, in what seemed to be usual Gott fashion, he had a point, but he made it in the most blunt, grating way. In a way that dismissed so much else.

oO I’d say knowing how to treat people and operate within a starship is plenty important. Still... Oo

Seesh: I concede that Academy was better at teaching starship operations and medical care than self-care, but was that part of the mental ledger? I might have a portfolio, but I never was much of an accountant.

Gott waved a hand dismissively as he swished around a cup of Saurian brandy with the other.  

Gott:  Part of building that mental ledger was building an insight into your personal portfolio - a greater understanding of the type of valuable asset you are and how best to invest yourself into the future to maximize profit.  Now we're going to expand that...we're going to look into ways we can increase your productivity through a rigirous course of personal potential maximization studies.  By the time we're done we'll have targeted at least two or three solid springboards to improve your overall wellbeing and, as an extention of that, maximize your earning potential.  So lets get started...without thinking about it, I want you to tell me the first thing that pops in your head when I ask the following question.  Ready?  Ok...where were you the last time you laughed?  And I don't mean a chuckle at a colleague, a real 'laughed until it hurt', that sort of thing.

Seesh froze for a moment, and not just from the familiar yet confusing corporate jargon. He did have to think for a moment. The moments where anyone extracted more than a chuckle or small laugh out of him were few and far between.

Seesh: ::clearly stalling:: Hah, I grew up around casual martial combat, ‘laugh until I hurt’ would be a feat, but figuratively...ah... ::rubbing a finger along the side of his head with another pause:: I know you said not to think about it, but I kind of have to. I think the last time was at Medical Academy- ::his head suddenly perked up, a little light to his eyes:: No, that was in Sickbay, here on the Arrow.

Gott smiled and clapped his hands together excitedly.  

Gott:  Now we're getting somewhere.  Tell me more!

Even with everything going on, he could hardly believe that had almost slipped his mind.

Seesh: So, right before the chaos broke out on our last mission, I took a little bit of a break. It was just ::with a motion towards his head:: this kicking in with the self-doubt again, but Doctor Ohnari, I think she thought I had upset her. On top of that, I got, uh, more than a bit upset because I saw that the Libris was woefully underequipped for any medical emergency. ::looking at the ship around him:: Speaking of... ::with a shake of the head:: Never mind, so, when I look up, that’s when I noticed some of the lights were heat lamps now. I never expected that, it got the best kind of laugh out of me. It was...not implusive, that’s acting without thinking, what’s the word? ::clacking his clawed fingers together a few times:: Spontaneous!

Gott: Response

Seesh gave a bit of a chuckle.

Seesh: She’s sharp and a character, for sure. Part of me is curious what she’s finding to do on Freecloud, but that’s not my business.

Gott: Response

Seesh responded first with his own dismissive wave of the hand.

Seesh: Ah, I think you’ve got me read all wrong, Doc. I’m not the typical Starfleet puritan people probably think of, I’m not suppressing those urges, they’re just...not there. I don’t care what people get up to, so long as no one’s starting bar brawls or making arms deals or something down there. Hell, I'm gonna be gambling and drinking unless Sickbay calls. ::beat:: Carefully, of course.

Gott: Response


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