Ensign Ar'Gorvalei - A Stimulating Experience

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Jamie Comeau

Jan 27, 2022, 9:49:10 PMJan 27
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((USS Arrow, Deck 3, Sickbay))

Ar’Gorvalei: Can you please tell us what happened?  


Commander Collins rubbed his neck as if embarrassed.


Collins: Well, I, uh...had fabricated a new rapier. I wanted to test it out in the gym and thought I, uh, almost might try an off-hand weapon? I know you both said no stress on the new tendons but... 


Mason: And this is an exercise you do often? I mean do you have a history of using knives with a grip like this? \

The science officer's cheeks flushed crimson.

Collins: I, uh, no...actually, this is my first time since my first major training sessions. At...the Academy.

Mason: So the only things that have changed between training in the past and tonight is this blade and your recent injury?

Collins: Correct, Doctor. Obviously I am mortified, but I don't think you have a treatment for that. Unless...you do? That would be lovely if you did. 

Ar'Gorvalei: ::Shaking his head:: No, but if you find one, please share it with me. I've had my own ... embarrassing experiences today.

Commander Collins’s eyes were drawn to the wound on Ar’Gorvalei’s shoulder.

Collins: Are YOU okay, Mr. Ar'Gorvalei? What happened there? ::he said, pointing carefully with his free hand.:: 

Ar'Gorvalei: Commander Serinus and I were eating at a seafood taco restaurant when two intoxicated customers assaulted a waitress. We intervened. One of them had a pocket knife, and I got careless. 


oO And angry. Oo 


ArGorvalei pushed the thought away for another time and turned his attention back to Commander Collins.


Collins: Cor blimey! I can wait, if need be. Cuts surely trump cramps, yes? 

Ar'Gorvalei: ::Shaking head:: No need. Dr. Mason has already treated it. The rest will heal in time. 


Collins: I am so sorry. But I do have to ask... ::shrugs:: How were the tacos? 

Ar'Gorvalei:  Quite good, actually. I highly recommend them. Ive never had tacos before; it was a very pleasant experience. 




ArGorvalei looked at the readings on the biobed and nodded. 


ArGorvalei: I recommend using a neural stimulator. We should be able to set it to stimulate the nerves in your hand to twitch open and drop the blade. 


Collins/Mason: RESPONSE


Ensign Ar'Gorvalei 

Medical Officer 

U.S.S. Arrow 



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