Lieutenant JG Talia Ohnari ~ When diving in head first ends with a concussion

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Roxanna Dorion

Nov 30, 2023, 7:29:14 PM11/30/23
((Sickbay, USS Arrow))

Ensign Orsalen seemed to be improving, and she had released Lieutenant Zenno. Ensign Berry was also cleared. 

Berry: I would rather stay... My presence might still be needed here.

Ohnari: ::smiling tiredly:: And we appreciate your expertise.
Especially with how strongly Ensign Orsalen had reacted. 

Ra: Are you alright, ensign?

Speaking of....her attention drifted back towards the Orion on the Bio bed. 

Orsalen: I want to submit myself for reprimand.

Ra: To my knowledge, you've done nothing worthy of that.

Ohnari: Mine either, and I was with you. 

Piweh/Berry: Response? 

Orsalen: I suggested that it would be safe to board the station. And I detected the radiation burst that led us to the station in the first place.

Her confusion softened into compassion. 

Ra: Ad astra per aspera. It is the humans that say it best. Without the trouble, we would not be here today. We would know nothing.

Reaching across, Talia once again squeezed the Orion's shoulder gently. 

Ohnari: Well said, Chief Ra. ::her eyes were kind, but stern:: Listen to me right now Ensign, do not take this on. You did your job, and you did well. No amount of knowledge that you had at the time of the recommendation could have prevented the events on that station. 

Berry/Ra/Piweh/Orsalen: Responses? 

Ohnari: As far as first missions go, that was more than a little bit of a rough start, but once again, you are not at fault. If you feel the need to place any blame, do so on whomever caused that awful event in the first place. 

Berry/Ra/Piweh/Orsalen: Responses? 


Lieutenant JG Talia Ohnari, MD
USS Arrow
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