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Justin Partridge

Oct 14, 2021, 3:31:42 PMOct 14
((Interior. RAFT-ONE, Leisure Level.))

T'Vaz: Oh, I don't plan on hassling you, Helmsman. Nor the Xanadu. Just keeping an eye on my constituents. It IS curiously juicy though...

Wilde: ::Smirking.:: I get that a lot...

This Regan was confident and despite herself, Myssa was finding herself charmed. But she also knew that charm alone was a flimsy game. It would only get someone so far, and this "Defender" was running out of road. At least, that's where it looked from where Myssa was standing. 

But if Regan Wilde knew or realized this, he absolutely didn't show it. He just kept his smile plastered to his all-too-beautiful face and crossed widely toward the level's railing. She had no idea where he thought he was going that way, but he also seemed to have a directive that Myssa didn't know (or really care) about. She just didn't need another handsome person (and paying station customer) being harassed on her watch. 

But that also didn't mean she couldn't have a little fun with him in the meantime. Scratching a slightly pot-stirring itch as a wolfish grin arched across her face.

T'Vaz: Why don't you want your friends on the Arrow to know you're here?

Wilde: Information seems to be your talent, Administrator. One of many, I might add.

He chuckled and impishly hopped up on the railing. Myssa almost started, seeing the sudden movement. But then she started to realize what he might be leaning toward. He obviously had to get somewhere and she was holding him up. He also seemed to be planning to take the most direct route. Myssa preferred the turbolifts and hard-vac corridors, but she didn't judge.

T'Vaz: You don't get where I am without knowing as much as you can. Or by allowing beautiful men to just have the run of my station.

Wilde: You're too kind!

She stepped forward slightly, which caused him to blanch slightly in response. But Myssa fanned both of her hands outward in a supplicating gesture. She knew he didn't have much reason to trust him, but she had, at least for the moment, kept acting in good faith. But also knew that people like the "Defenders" were skittish to the point of paranoia. It's why they were so successful, thus able to park here for the time being anyway.

Myssa hoped her quick drawing earlier at least earned her one straight answer. Which he seemed finally ready to give, despite the perch.

Wilde: Alright, I'll level with you. I've got nothing to lose. ::Beat.:: Im ex-Starfleet. Technically still Starfleet if we're splitting hairs. Love that shade on you, by the way. You must tell me that colour...

Myssa clicked her tongue, again smiling widely despite herself.

T'Vaz: Yes, yes, again I KNEW this. I want to know why THEY don't.

He finally continued.

Wilde: But... I can't have my old shipmates getting involved - however unintentionally - in my activities these days. I'm a privateer now. Starfleet doesn't look favourably on ex-officers who take commissions for pay. However, I am reasonable. I'm prepared to barter for sage passage off your Raft.

oO That's...Oo

T'Vaz: Shockingly pragmatic. You haven't done anything worth paying for. Yet, anyway. But I do understand the need and want to play things close to the vest. I meant what I said earlier. I'm not going to hassle you. But I wouldn't count on the same courtesy from the Orions.

Her words seemed to have made an impression. But only for a moment. Something else was calling to him beyond and below. And Myssa didn't want to stand in his way. But from where she was standing, that might have been impossible to do. Unless Myssa suddenly learned to fly in the next few moments.

She took another step forward carefully. Trying to suss out which limb would be best to snatch when she could.

Wilde: It's a shame, really. In another life, I think you and I would have made a great team! We do have something in common.

T'Vaz: We're both devastatingly beautiful?

Wilde: You love to make an entrance. I, however, take more pride in the exeunt... ::He blew her a kiss.:: See you around, Silver.

T'Vaz: NO, WAIT!

The Defender pitched themselves into the darkness below and out of Myssa's sight. She closed the distance quickly, but lost sight of him in the din of the deckings and shop rooftops. Just as the heavy boots of Sheriff Zel clomped up behind her.

Myssa drummed her knuckles against the railing and turned with a huff to Zel. Who regarded her icily.

Zel: Pursuit?

She waved him off.

T'Vaz: No, no. This isn't our trouble anymore. 

Zel: What about the Arrow?

T'Vaz: Let's keep our word. Wilde's old crew doesn't need to know he's here. 

She turned a sharp smile to her Sheriff.

T'Vaz: At least, not until it benefits us. Or entertains me. Whichever comes first.

The End...FOR NOW!
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