Cmdr. Shayne: Slow But Sure

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Quinn Friedl

Jun 24, 2020, 3:18:54 PM6/24/20
((Deck 1, Bridge, USS Arrow))

Shayne: Commander Shayne, sounding off. 

Shayne was… stoic, to say the least, and if he did show emotion in front of his fellow officers, it was more likely than not to be an unintentional breach of equilibrium. Still, he made no attempt to cover the slight smile that cracked his wry features when Collins spun round in astonishment. Before Collins could relinquish control of the situation, Shayne gestured at him to continue the role call while the commander observed. 

Nakada: Ensign Nakada, sounding off.

Kim: Commander Kim, sounding off. 

He knew little about either individual, despite having just stormed an engineering compartment with one of them, but he was familiar with their names at the very least. Though his memory was good, he was a tad overwhelmed by information. He’d take the small victories where he could grab them. 

Sasaki: Ensign Sasaki reporting in. 

That name was completely unknown to Shayne, but he would make it his business to memorize the designations and ranks of all people aboard as quickly as possible. The yellow collar designated him as a member of ship’s services- a technical professional. Good. There was high need for that in the somewhat stabilized yet deeply troubled Arrow. 

Zicv: Captain! ::she takes a quick beat:: I´m hereby reporting as part of the support staff as requested.

Shayne swiveled his head toward the speaker, and raised an otherwise inexpressive eyebrow upward. He remained silent, though, content to see how this would play out. Quite frankly, he trusted Collins whatever the situation. As such, he could afford a certain inquisitive curiosity. 

Collins: As much as I appreciate the field promotion, Ensign, I am not the Captain. I'm actually...not sure who "the Captain" of this vessel is at the moment, but all the same, I'm LTCmdr. Quentin Collins, Chief-

That raised an important question in Shayne’s mind. What exactly were they now? A rescue team? A boarding party? Shayne would treat this entire situation as his responsibility until someone with four pips came along and told him to move aside- it was unethical to give up leadership at this time. But it was a decidedly unusual circumstance. 

Collins: ::He takes an embarrassed beat::...Science Officer. ::bowed slightly:: At your service

Zicv: Oh! Excuse-me, sir! I´m not used to the crew of USS Juneau. 

Newcomer even to Juneau. Fascinating, but… where could she have possibly come from? Was she a member of the original Arrow crew that had failed to abandon ship along with her crewmates? 

Collins: An honest mistake, Ensign, I'm sure. Where are you hailing from?

Zicv: I´m a science officer assigned to Starbase 821. I volunteered myself for helping while on transit to the Wilds.

Shayne’s other eyebrow shot up. Now that was unusual. Then again, he’d been a part of his fair share of strange transfer procedures. This… seemed on the up-and-up. He resolved to remember this. Such dedication and willingness to help out was the cornerstone of Starfleet ideology, and those that naturally embodied it were appreciated by the commander. 

Collins: Well, we're glad of it, if you'll take the Science Station, please? 

And with that, Shayne knew it was time to step up. The immediate task had been more or less finished. 

Shayne: Thank you, Mr. Collins. I want to get this ship ready for the trip to Starbase 821. Whatever else happens, we’re going to need her services. 

Collins: The Commander's right, it's about time we got our legs under us. To that end...If I may, Commander?

Somewhat surprised by his decisiveness, and yet pleased by the initiative, Shayne gestured to him again. 

Shayne: By all means, Mr. Collins. 

It made sense, and not just from a civil standpoint. Collins had been on the bridge for longer, and was probably more familiar with where everything was, and who was doing what. He was the optimal person to hand out instructions. 

Collins: Ensigns Nakada, Sasaki, head down to Main Engineering and see if you can't restore our Impulse engines. We can start on Warp capability once we get Impulse squared away and safe to move on from.

Nakada: On it, sir.

Sasaki: Yes sir, on it sir 

Shayne nodded minutely. He’d always found mobility to among the most, if not THE most important asset that a starship could possess, pound for pound. 

Collins: Commander Kim, start taking stock of injuries and set up triage in the Sickbay. Take Counselor R'Ariel for an extra pair of hands.

He swallowed invisibly. The possibility for injuries hadn’t even occurred to him in the bedlam that had surrounded the “adventurous” moments of the recent past. 

Kim: Counselor, with me please.

R’Ariel: Response

The pair exited the bridge, and entered the turbolift, disappearing from sight a moment later. 

Collins: Hold our current position and start sensor sweeps with Ensign Zicv. I want to know if we have any other ugliness lurking out there for us.

Again, he nodded- both supporting Collins’ decisions and making it clear that there was no separation in leadership decisions.

Waters/Zicv: Response

Collins: Mister Serinus, take a detail and make a full sweep throughout the ship. I want hourly reports on your progress and instant contact if you find anything suspicious, yes?

Personally, Shayne would have gone for something like reports on fifteen, but they’d have plenty of work ahead of them; such caution might have been overkill, even for a situation as serious and vital as searching the ship for signs of suspicious objects or persons. 

Serinus: Response

Collins: Good man.

Shayne got the sense that Collins was about to move on as he turned away. He raised his head to speak, but censored himself.

Shayne: oO And…? Let’s see if he remembers… Oo 

Collins: Comms?!

Shayne nodded slightly more deeply now, in an almost fatherly sort of way. From his experiences as an Ops officer, he knew how vital communications were aboard a starship. If they were going to get running again, the relevant equipment would need to be in functioning shape. 

Caden: Response 

Collins: Hail Starfleet Command and make them aware of our position and status. We may be able to limp back to a Starbase soon, but I would like for them to know we are coming in on a ghost ship.

That… really was a qualifying term to describe the Arrow. Shayne had seen Halloween holo-novels that possessed less creepy content than what they’d encountered aboard this abandoned vessel. 

Caden: Response 

Collins: I want to be in better shape than we are now in three hours, team. And if I don't say it before then, bloody outSTANDing work. The lot of you. To your tasks, people.

Shayne had known Collins for quite some time, and never once had the eccentric scientist disappointed. This was just another success. Shayne stepped forward, a jagged half-smile appearing. 

Collins: So, what the HELL happened here? Did we just...steal a Federation starship?

Collins’ whisper did not carry, but it was imbued with a sizable incredulity. Shayne spoke in a tempered, softer tone. 

Shayne: Oh, I don’t think anything so grandiose is appropriate. We regained control of a previously abandoned Federation starship, and are still very much under the authority of Starfleet. But if it’s comforting, feel free to think of it as preemptive nautical salvage instead of piracy.

He winked at Collins, maintaining his practiced straight face. 

Collins: Response 

His voice became more earnest, but stayed similarly low. 

Shayne: Well done on the delegation. I’d like a full report, but first, since there’s no telling if or when we’ll reunite with the Juneau, I want you to function as interim first officer for the time being. 

Collins: Response 


Commander Randal Shayne
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