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Sep 23, 2022, 1:21:15 PM9/23/22

((Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room, USS Arrow))

Shayne: Counting on a failure or a danger before you have reason to

confront it is a fast track to a grave.

He spoke from (aborted) experience. He hadn’t been able to count on anything, hadn't been able to weigh the odds and risks and chances, and as a result, he’d had to assume that everything would fail, even if it wouldn’t, even if it couldn’t. Somehow, some way, it would go astray, and leave him up a creek without a paddle. 

But in believing that everything would fail, something would succeed, despite his prophecy fulfilling. And over the months, he’d worked quietly and diligently on figuring out where his faith truly lied. He might be wrong, but at least he wasn’t spiraling down into a cesspool of pointless self-abasement. 

Waters; I was thinking of more than my grave, sir. I was trying to think

of the crew. Admittedly... it is not something I am used to. But I tried.

Shayne: And you succeeded. Now you must moderate what you learn from this. 

It wasn’t fair- everytime he gave a bit of complimentary support, it was always followed by something to work on, something not good enough. That, unfortunately, was a truth of growth. 

Waters: I suppose I am still learning. ::beat:: It is a never ending

process, it seems.

At that, Shayne smiled. 

Shayne: That’s a lesson some never learn. Well done. 

There were few things Shayne despised more than people who looked at what they’d done, and accomplished, and sat upon it for the rest of their lives. One didn’t always have to save the universe. Make some beef wellington, or take up painting- but grow! Live! Use your meat suit to its fullest capacity…! 

Waters: If I may ask, sir. What would you have done in my position? If

you knew you might uplift. If you felt the station touch your mind…

He considered for a moment, trying to find the right words. 

Shayne: I… probably would have done what you did. But there’s a difference. 

He realized he’d have to explain more thoroughly, but he wasn’t sure he could.

Waters: Response

Shayne: I look at you, commander, and I see a brilliant, flawed, scarred, young woman with boundless, expansive potential. I’m sure if someone looked inside your mind, they’d find much to support this concept. But if someone were to look in my mind… 

He paused, again left searching for the right things to convey. 

Shayne: They’d find a free range of every ugly facet, every foul idea, every disgusting musing that never leaves my lips or presents in my actions. Essentially, commander, if someone touches my mind, it’s the last thing they do. 

Waters: Response 

((OOC: Happy to wrap up or continue as you see fit. Sorry for the delay!))


Captain Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer
USS Arrow
NCC 69829

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