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Nov 27, 2023, 3:41:06 PM11/27/23
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((Sickbay, USS Arrow))

Orsalen: This is Arrow? Everyone got back to Arrow?

Ensign Orsalen's mind finally tuned into the ship.

Zenno: Yes, we are here.

Ohnari: We all made it back. 

Piweh: Every last one of you.

Ensign Piweh's sentence was surely reassuring. After all they had gone through during the mission...

Berry: Thank goodness we did.

Orsalen: What were those things? Were they the same shadows from Drothos?

Piweh: You were all hit by a burst of Chroniton radiation, and lost in a timeloop. We believe that the creatures you saw were other beings lost in a similar loop, where your loops intersected if only briefly. We have reason to believe that they were Sheliak. ::break:: And that something horrible had happened to them.

Holly found Piweh's summary disturbing, solely for the fact that they had not been there in the station, so they could just assume what they experienced. And talking about it in such a stoic way felt... Wrong.

Ra: But the details are still obscure.

Ohnari: A few of us experienced flashes of the past...in some...unpleasant manners...

Piweh: We have photographic evidence from a camera we recovered. I'm certain it will be in the mission report, but I'd advise looking at it in any of your current states. The pictures are truly horrific. ::shakes head::

Holly joked to herself that she wanted credit for finding the camera. She let out a tiny giggle, before suppressing her sight drift of emotions.

Zenno: I concur with Doctor Piweh. Debriefing can wait. Recovery is most important.

Ra: Indeed.

Ohnari: I'm going to ask that you stay for in Sickbay for Observation, but we will move you into a private room so you can get some rest. ::smiling softly:: Just to be safe. ::turning, she glanced down to the setup the newest Security Chief had made for himself.:: Mr. Zenno, your scans have all been cleared. I am comfortable releasing you. Should you feel any disorientation or discomfort, I insist you report back to us. 

Zenno: Response?

Berry: Make sure to report to me, if you feel mentally- ::short pause:: conflicted with your feeling, alright?

Holly made sure to attempt "luring" Zenno into her counseling suite. She wasn't a fan of phrasing it that way, but she was only playing her available card.

Piweh/Ohnari/Ra/Orsalen: Responses?

Berry: I would rather stay... My presence might still be needed here.

Piweh/Ohnari/Ra/Orsalen: Responses?


Ensign Holly Berry
USS Arrow

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