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Joseph George

May 25, 2023, 5:22:53 AM5/25/23
((The Starboard Bow, Deck 6, USS Arrow))

Perhaps the charm of his last pet project had worn off a bit to the crew.  The Arrow's new onboard lounge had only a couple people about, excluding the on-duty bartender, today it was Samot, the male Vulcan.  More likely, they were occupying themselves with the wonders and excitement of Freecloud. He had no inclination to visit the place personally, save some big MMA fight he had heard about.  He'd have to make time for that, but he had little to spare working on his newest renovation project. Artinus was happy to be converting this unused broom closet to a proper Security office.

The dark woods and shades of brown and green gave the archery themed Starboard Bow (pronounced like the weapon), its signature forest feel The potted trees, and floating flower boxes about and over the bar itself, added some real life greenery to the mix, giving the Arrow some much needed nature.
Sitting on the couch in the middle, with a PADD on the curved wooden coffee table, studying the plans he was getting ready to present to Captain Shayne the next day, he lifted the glass of Gaulic Red from the coaster and took a sip, before returning it to the coaster.

The doors wooshed open, and a new figure walked beneath the white flowered arch. It was the newest Engineering Officer.  Artinus raised his glass in a salute. 

Serinus: Ensign Hobart.

Hobart:: Response

Serinus: How goes the Engineering department?

Hobart: Response



- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

   Chief of Security

   USS Arrow, 


   Publicity Team/Social Media Team/Image Collective

   C239607AS0 -

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