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Emma Banin

Sep 25, 2022, 6:05:08 PMSep 25
((USS Arrow, Deck 4 - Science Lab ))

Ayemet walked into the science lab, her mind still mulling over the conversation she had had with Commander Collins. She had found herself finally able to be honest with him over her fears. Not of the mission that awaited them, nor of the Chalnoth but of the repercussions over their last mission. For a moment it had been blissfully forgotten on board Starbase 224. In  those brief time spent with Gorva and Connor, and even at the award ceremony the dangers and the effect off the ships journey through the galactic barrier had been nothing but a faint memory. They had encountered an extraordinary place, Captain Shayne and Commander MacKenna had escaped, and with impeccable timing, been picked up by the Arrow.

But returning to duty, and her conversations with Commander Collins had brought the truth of how she felt about the mission and her worries over what it might have done to her, crashing back to the forefront of her mind. Still she felt, thanks to the gentle but effective counselling skills of Lieutenant Commander R’Ariel, and the persistence of  Lieutenant Commander Collins barriers had been broken, shields had been lowered, if not completely then at least substantially.

Now?  Now they faced a puzzle; The Chalnoth.  Ayemet felt that she had been something of a voice of dissent. How much of this was due to her issues, and how much was born of genuine concern for the dangers that answering the Chalnoth could pose she could not be certain.

Tallera: Greetings, Lieutenant.  :: A side-eyed glance. :: The ingredients for our "paint" are listed on the padd there.  :: She pointed to a table. :: I am presently searching for a foaming agent.  Do you know where one is?

Jacin :pointing to Tallera’s right: Two drawers down.

She was not surprised that the Vulcan was already hard at work. Of course she was following orders, and working under a deadline, but from her experience of Vulcans had taught her that unless some pertinent fact or event prevented them, it was not logical to delay action. It made perfect sense, and in a galaxy where certainty and logic could be in short supply, any semblance of order was welcome.

Tallera: Breaking up one large, smooth surface into an apparent conglomeration of multiple smaller ones with weak-response properties will diffuse the return of active scans.

Jacin :This seems simple enough. Let’s hope it works.

Ayemet felt the tension in the room. Anxiety, expectation, pressure, whatever words that people used to make sense of their emotions, they were there. Ayemet could almost touch them. They hung so thickly in the air.

Tallera: We do not know each other, Lieutenant, so perhaps it is unwise of me to presume to say anything, but if you'll indulge me... Fear of a thing can be more dangerous than the thing itself.  It will not help to be paralysed to inaction.

Ayemet turned from her PADD and looked at the Vulcan, arching her left eyebrow . She wasn’t sure if she were impressed or insulted. Vulcan’s bluntness could sometimes be misunderstood. Whilst some might say that it was nothing but a feeling of superiority and wanting to make sure that others knew that, Ayemet had never agreed with this sentiment. She had always found the directness refreshing. It was not often that she had had to dig into the hidden meaning of what a Vulcan was saying, because there was none. Still this felt that it came from a place of, frustration possibly, or a desire that nothing impede her plan to help ‘hide’ the Proteus drive.

Jacin :And you think Im afraid of the Chalnoth? Tat I may be paralysed from acting?

She shook her head slightly, a slight smile spreading across her face.

Jacin :Beat: I can see how someone might think that if they were not in possession of all the facts. 

She studied Tallera. Just as Tallera did not know her, she did not know Tallera. Assumptions and misunderstandings could come from both sides, and given the recent conversations she was in no m mood for another factured relationship, especially given the seriousness of the meeting with the Chalnoth, and the importance of the Proteus drive not being stolen .
She breathed in deeply, and spoke. This time her tone gentler, more measured.

Jacin: As you no doubt saw myself and Commander Collins having a private conversation I’ll say this. It does not pertain to this mission nor to my feelings about it. It is a private matter than can wait until this mission is over to be resolved. As to the opinions IO expressed in the briefing my apologies if you interpreted them as over wrought or born from fear, but I’ll not apologise for standing up for what I believe, and I don’t believe that the Captain or any of the senior crew would want me to. I hope this clears things up

Tallera: Consider our current mission.  Be honest.  Does it seem to you an unwarranted gamble?

Jacin: Unwarranted? No. The Chalnoth asked for our help, and Starfleet always answers those who do so regardless of the state of relations between them and the Federation. A gamble?Yes I believe it is.Given the history I believe that whilst we should help them we should also be cognoscente that this could be a trap, and take precautions.  

Tallera: Suppose the Chalnoth have a stalwart defense from the Sheliak, but need a partner to achieve its construction, and peace?  What would you think of that?

Jacin:  I would think that this goes against the past dealing we have had with the Chalnoth, but a welcomed one.

She sighed inwardly.  She had obviously been misunderstood, her demeanour and fear over the journey to and from Odyssey might have colored the way she had put this across, but it still rankled her that others did not understand., or at least appear not to.

Tallera: Hm!  :: A pensive, yet punched hum escaped. ::  We must have faith - and more than a little courage.  :: Beat. ::  Now come, there is much to do.

Ayemet had to stop herself from barking back a reply. It would not help either her relationship with Tallera, nor the mission, so she merely nodded and followed Tallera making a note to meditate the moment she got back to her quarters.

o0 Come there is much to do? Who is she? My Commanding Officer? Or worse, my Mother!? 0o

(( USS Arrow, Deck 4 - Astrometrics & Stellar Cartography ))

Tallera: How's that?

Jacin:  Readings show a negative point zero four seven variance from parameter ideals.

Collins/Dewitt: Response

Tallera: Try nudging it into that ionized patch there.  :: She pointed. ::

Ayemet made the necessary adjustment quickly and quietly. Tallera had a forceful personality, but perhaps that was  what was needed, or perhaps she hadn’t proved herself to the Vulcan, or perhaps, yet again, she had simply misinterpreted things once more.

Jacin: Done.

Collins/Dewitt: Response

Tallera: Well, would you look at that...  I think we have to leave it there.

Jacin:  I believe that that is the optimal position.

Collins/Dewitt: Response

-- -- 

Lieutenant Jg Jacin Ayemet
Science Officer 
USS Arrow
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