PNPC CWO Vincent Jones - Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

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Marissa Jeffrey

Oct 14, 2021, 5:52:08 AMOct 14
to USS Arrow
((Security Suite, Deck 3, USS Arrow))

Jones: So what's on your mind, Commander?

Vincent was fairly certain he was aware of what this was about. Everyone knew what had transpired on the Hulk by now, and for those who had been there, the process of coming to terms with it was both critical, and different for each. For the man in front of him, this was, perhaps, it.

Serinus: I am deeply sorry that I couldn't, didn't save your Marines.

Nodding solemnly, he conveyed both an understanding of the need to vocalize the apology and the idea that his team was well aware of what they had signed up for. Of course no one signed up just to die, but any of them knew what the risks were when they put on that uniform each day. It was the heavy burden that came with the emblem they wore.

Jones:  They knew what they were doing. And they would have done it again.

But that didn't seem to do much to assuage the guilt that the security chief seemed to hold.

Serinus: I have no doubt. The facts don't change the horror of what I witnessed yesterday.

Jones: It does not. Nothing will change that, but we can either remember them for who they were as they lived, or what they looked like when they died. 

And for Vincent, a Marine was all that they embodied while they were alive. Those men had done great things in their time, saved lives. That was what he would choose to remember.

Serinus: Yes, maybe it is better to focus on positive steps moving forward. ::break:: I understand that your squadron reports directly to Commander MacKenna?

Raising an eyebrow, the warrant officer looked up at the question.

Jones: We're a search and rescue team, so no. We fall under the general chain of command. As I have an Intel background, I do some work with her from time to time.

There was a moment of quietude, where he nodded as if understanding the dynamic of it.

Serinus: Then, with your permission of course, I will be asking her to do some cross-training with your team.

Vincent shrugged slightly. The more the better, probably.

Jones: Seems reasonable.

Serinus: I want our people to understand each other's operations enough to work together better, if we're thrust into it again. So there are no more unnecessary losses.

Again, another sound judgement from the security chief. The Arrow was in good hands, at least on this angle. 

Jones: Obviously something we all want to avoid. We are not here as security though, to make that clear. We serve as search and rescue, and to fill in as ordered by the command team and senior staff.

Which included the security chief. But it seemed something else was bothering him. Vincent wondered, but he didn't need to wonder for long.

Serinus: There are of course, ships and installations where Security and Marines have developed rivalries. Friendly, or not so much. I am deeply competitive in my personal life. Had I a proper office, you'd be sitting next to a trophy case full of sports awards. I don't bring that into my professional life. I want both of our units to be able to do their jobs flawlessly, alone or together as needed or thrust upon us.

Rivalry? There was a curious look on the Marine's face at that point. He thought back to his first assignment on the Resolution, long ago, and the Marine who had been in charge there. The man had been bullish, full of himself, and bulldozed anyone who didn't agree with him. He'd run over the security chief four or five times before the small, half orion had finally stood up and put him in his place, likely spurred by the fact that he'd literally cut off the hand of her best friend in a fit of panic induced chaos. Vincent had seen rivalry. Kali, whom he had served for a decade, had fought that very thing for almost just as long.

It was something Vincent was and had always stood by her on. 

Jones: I don't believe in interdepartmental rivalries, sir. They get in the way of our duties.

Serinus: Good, thanks for your understanding Chief. I'll arrange a meeting with Commander MacKenna at our mutual convenience. Is there anything I can help you with, while we're here?

That seemed easy enough. Vincent shook his head, gathered his glasses, and stood.

Jones: No sir. But if you ever need anything, you know where to find me.

And as security chief, Vincent was certain he did. With a final nod, he made his way from the office and into the corridors.


Chief Warrant Officer, First Class Vincent 'Jonesy' Jones
Starfleet Counter Intelligence Specialist/SFMC SAR Team Leader

As simmed by:

Commander Ash MacKenna
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Arrow

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