Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters: Don't Sweat It

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Jesse F

May 26, 2023, 8:22:50 AMMay 26
OOC: My apologies to Slipka. I forgot that helm, comms and ops aren't
bundled here like they are on some other ships, so the part about being
in Chloe's old chair is inaccurate.

I've also taken the liberty of combining Slipka and Zabi's sims for
better clarity, to establish when Zabi enters.


((Gymnasium -- U.S.S Arrow))

A personal question, so soon? Chloe raised an eyebrow as she regarded
the woman before her. Certainly Slipka was more bold than she, only
having known Chloe for twenty seconds or so. Still, she was curious what
kind of... personal question... Slipka wanted to ask.

Waters: You may.

Slipka: I mean no disrespect, but I am curious if you are using a JV 270
subdermal neural translator. I have read about it in one of my technical
journals but never seen one in use. I find it fascinating. I have so
many questions about it if you are using one and do not mind me asking
about it?

Chloe stared for a moment, stunned. To say she was caught off guard was
the biggest understatement of her life. It took all her strength to keep
her mental barriers up.

Slipka knew. She knew the exact make and model of the implant Chloe used
to use. Normally that information was incredibly obscure. It wasn't
something most people cared about. The only thing that had mattered to
so many was the fact Chloe used an implant at all. Not what kind of
implant it was.

Catching herself, Chloe shook her head. She lifted a hand to the
mechanically outfit crown she wore, tapped it, took it off, then
re-placed it.

Waters: I used to. But no longer. This... ::tapping the crown again:: Is
a design of Collins. It was made to replace the implant years ago. It is
more flexible.

Slipka: Response

Chloe was about to answer her question when she saw another figure
approaching out of the corner of her eye. Behind her, she heard Mandy
yawn and stir, apparently awoken by all the activity. The dog sat up and
looked around, her tail thumping the floor lightly thanks to the
presence of so many potential pet-giving humans.

Waters: Ensign Zabi, I presume?

Zabi: And good morning to you. sir. ::He looked over to Slipka: And you
too. All better, now?

Slipka: Response

Waters: I see there is a great enthusiasm for the gymnasium facilities here.

Zabi: What is the human phrase? Early bird gets the worm?

Waters: Correct, Ensign.

Mandy shook herself off behind the trio and got to her feet, approaching
with the intent to say hi. She planted herself in a seated position
between Slipka and Zabi, her innocent, friendly gaze moving between the
two as her tail moved back and forth.

Slipka/Zabi: Response

Tag, TBC


Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters

Mission Specialist

USS Arrow, NCC-69829

Writer ID: E239601CW0


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