Ensign Ceilidh Slipka - Decoupling and Family

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Christopher Huskins

May 25, 2023, 10:59:00 PM5/25/23
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((OCC: No worries. Smoke from Canada’s fires are playing havoc on my lungs.))



((Shuttlebay 1, Deck 3, USS Arrow))



Dewitt: What I wanted to say is that people know about your missteps with the Libris, but they also know about your resourcefulness. I think it's a good step that you have a better view of things now than you did when you were on the Libris... ::pause:: Did the Captain give you a hard time?


Ceilidh could hear Lieutenant Dewitt’s curiosity and concern in his voice.


Slipka: No more than I deserved. One must accept responsibility for one’s action.


Dewitt: I guess, I value about the Captain that he somehow still has an understanding of what it is like. And he's not one that will hold those missteps against you. You'll have your second chance. I'm confident you won't waste it.


Slipka: Well, I am sure the Captain will not; not so sure about Lieutenant Ayemet. Hers were the orders I disobeyed the most.


Dewitt: Response


Ceilidh saw Connor smile in satisfaction as they arrived at the power couplers. She watched as he took out the tricorder and configured an alarm should the power flows were getting too high.


Dewitt: You can start with the decoupling process, start with lines 1 and 2 and let's work up to 8.


Slipka: Aye sir. Start with the decoupling of lines 1 then 2. Work it up to line 8.


Slipka started working on the decoupling of line 1.


Dewitt: So, I guess I have an impression of Slipka the student and Slipka the officer... What about any family?


Slipka: ::Smiling slightly:: Youngest of three children. My father, Landocal, is the assistant senior supervisor of the Central Weather Control. My mother, Jaroslav, is the head hotelier of the Azure Lagoon Resort; owned by my grandfather, Merrollo. My sister, Risma, is the top Welcome and Pleasure Hostess at the Azure Lagoon Resort. My brother, Marek, is the lead Pleasure Masseuse of the Azure Lagoon Resort. My Aunt, Porla Karilela, and her family manage my grandfather's resort, the Risian Sundown Resort, on Freecloud. You know the extremely exclusive resort that floats above Stardust city with a long umbilical leading to Stardust city. That is my family in a nutshell, so to speak.


Dewitt: Response


Ceilidh began decoupling of line 2, she also noticed that lines 3 and 4 were scorch melted.


Slipka: Sir, lines 3 and 4 appear to be scorch melted near the couplings.


Dewitt: Response


Slipka: Yes Sir.


Dewitt: Response



Ensign Ceilidh Slipka
USS Arrow
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