Lt. j.g. Ar'Gorvalei - Metagenic Countermeasures

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Jamie Comeau

Feb 13, 2022, 10:53:12 PMFeb 13
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((USS Arrow, Deck 3, Sickbay))


Ar’Gorvalei walked into Sickbay – no, dragged himself into Sickbay – his normally ruddy complexion ashen.


oO Metagenic weapons? The Sheliak were using metagenic weapons? What in the Endless Sky could compel them to do so? Oo


The Sheliak, from what he knew, colonized Class H worlds, worlds that were uninhabitable by most humanoid species. So what interest did they have in humanoid-inhabited worlds like Mercia IV? Or was this just the Sheliak version of “pest control?”


Ar’Gorvalei recalled what he knew of Sheliak biology – which wasn’t much. A Class R-3 nonhumanoid lifeform, the Sheliak were silicon-based, covered in black, mucous-secreting folds, with an apparent head and appendages.


He knew the Arrow had had run-ins with the Sheliak in the past, although he didn’t know the details. He resolved to look up the mission reports in his spare time, if he had any.


Ar’Gorvalei spotted Dr. Mason and approached her.


Ar’Gorvalei: Dr. Mason, what do you know about treatments for metagenic virus exposure? Are there any treatments?


Mason: Response


Ar’Gorvalei suddenly became conscious of the fact that he now outranked Dr. Mason. Self-conscious, in fact. He resisted the temptation to reach up and touch the new pip on his collar. A few days ago she had outranked him, being senior time in grade.


Before he had a chance to feel more awkward, Master Chief Petty Officer Aeryn Ra joined them.


Ra: Excuse me doctors. I couldn't help but pick up on the fact that you mentioned something about...metagenic weapons? 


Ar'Gorvalei: We’ve been ordered to Mercia IV to prevent a Sheliak fleet from deploying metagenic weapons against the planet. 


One of Ra’s eyebrows swept upward in a characteristic Vulcanoid manner. 


Ra: That doesn't sound in line with what we know of the Sheliak.  


Ar'Gorvalei: It doesn’t, but unfortunately, we know far too little about the Sheliak. They are – perhaps – undergoing some sort of societal upheaval, in which case we shouldn’t expect them to behave as they have in the past. 


Mason: Response? 


Ra: Well then. Where do we start? 


That was a good question. Ar'Gorvalei looked over at Dr. Mason, suddenly feeling horribly out of his depth. None of his training, either at the seminary or Starfleet Academy, had covered treatments for preventing genocide. 


Mason: Response?

Ar'Gorvalei nodded.


Ar’Gorvalei: That seems sensible. ::Pause:: Metagenic viruses typically become inert within a month. I wonder if there might be some way of hastening the virus’s life cycle? Some way to force it to become inert before it’s deployed? 


Ra/Mason: Response 


Ar’Gorvalei: Any other suggestions? 


Ra/Mason: Response? 


Ar’Gorvalei: We should probably work with the science department on that. ::Taps combadge:: Ay ... Lt. Jacin, this is Ar’Gorvalei. Are you available for a conference call on metagenic countermeasures? 


Jacin/Any: Response 



Lieutenant j.g. Ar'Gorvalei 

Medical Officer 

U.S.S. Arrow 


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