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Justin Partridge

Oct 12, 2021, 1:15:42 AM10/12/21
((Interior. U.S.S. Arrow, Deck 5. Living History Annex.))

Quentin Collins had tried to keep mostly to "personal" spaces during this leave, but their Living History Annex always felt remarkably true and honest to the overall personal feeling of this wonderfully weird ship that was his home. Therefore it was a place he always tried to check on as often as possible. While also keeping track of the new additions that had been made to the ad-hoc "displays" Maria Alvarez had gifted to them before her reassignment.

Though the more troubling discoveries had been kept to records and Senior Staff, the Living History Annex still found itself steadily growing. And visited often if the new brightened vibe of the compartment was to be believed. 

But Quentin's main goal today was some particular new additions. Namely the precious few samples that had been taken from the Hulk. A piece of the ship's shale like armor plating, a capapice of one of the ship's insect life, and a twisted claw from one of the lost Gorn (ghoulishly retrieved from the hull of the shuttlecraft that had ferried them home). 

It wasn't much, but it was still fascinating to Quentin. In a dark...slightly exploitive feeling way. Quentin groused to himself and then quickly followed that with an internal admonishment at his gloomy rumination. He was about to dart back to his quarters (or maybe office, which was closer) but before he could sprint to the turbolift, one of their new arrivals to the ship caught his eye...his new co-worker at Science...

oO Ama...Adm...AYEMET! That's it! Oo

He stutter-stepped slightly, wondering if he looked weird. And then knowing fully that he did once he slightly collided with a nearby bulkhead.


Collins: Yes, yeah! I am so sorry. I am still not used to these limbs for some reason.


Collins: Quentin Collins, pleasure. I am usually...actually far worse at first impressions. I understand we are going to be working with one another? ::he tried to say sunnily, despite the dull throb in his shoulder.::



Lieutenant Commander 

Quentin Collins III

Chief Science Officer


U.S.S. ARROW NCC-69829

ID: E239512QC0



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