Lt.Commander Maz Rodan - Getting to the Bottom of the Mystery?

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David H

Oct 14, 2021, 4:11:40 PMOct 14

   ((USS Arrow - Deck 3; Main Engineering))

The journey to engineering was swift, and Maz found himself in front of the warp core once again. He had a follow up appointment with the senior most NonCom the Arrow had - the grizzled and highly unorthodox - Thaon Brom.

The ancient Tellarite hobbled toward him on his prosthetic leg, his uniform and beard smeared with some kind of greasy lubricant from his work on the shuttle. Maz nodded in greeting and Brom handed over a large PADD.

Rodan: Good work, Brom. Anything out of the ordinary?

He referred to possible contamination from the Hulk, of course. The older engineer shook his head thoroughly, confident in his work.

Brom: Not so much as a microbe out of place, Commander. Ran a spectral scan with the biofilters myself. 

Maz nodded, relieved. So none of the crew - nor the ship in general - were at risk from infection. This was good. He had a worrying feeling in the back of his mind that he might have brought something unsavoury on the ship himself in the form of Millie - his curiously multi-legged friend. But the quarantine had been effective and showed no sign of pathogen on the bug. He stroked his chin thoughtfully. 

Rodan: Excellent work, Brom. Thanks for undertaking it.

Brom: Nah worries, sir. Like I always say, if you want something done well, give it to a NonCom!

Maz chuckled at his expressions. They truly were the backbone of the fleet!

Rodan: I surely will, Chief. Go on... ::He patted the older man on the shoulder lightly.:: Go and enjoy the rest of your leave. Go get into some trouble on Raft-One. That's an order.

Chuckling in a way that made Maz realise he may have unleashed something even Raft-One wasn't prepared for, the Tellarite gathered up his work gear and beckoned his little team to follow him. Maz was left alone, more or less, in the great engine room of the Arrow, and browsed over the meaty contents of the report. 

   ((USS Arrow - Deck 3; Sickbay))

The walk to Sickbay was also thankfully short. The doors to the infirmary swooshed open and Maz always loved that first initial step into the bay. Fond memories of his former life assaulted his senses as he stepped into the sterile room. His friend Cassie was back, and he'd been meaning to schedule a catch up with her, but the fallout from their last mission had kept him very busy. 

He'd liked nothing more than to take her up on her offer of visiting Sickbay more, despite his promise to not play doctor. It was a hard habit to break. Even now as he approached the biobed which held their very own Hayley Caden, he scooped the attending PADD from its cradle and glanced over its contents with a keen eye.

Caden/Ar'Gorvalei: Response

Rodan: Oh, I must stop doing that! Like Dr. Mason always reminds me, I'm not a doctor anymore!

Caden/Ar'Gorvalei: Response

He smiled and squinted, casting a careful eye over the bay in case his friend was watching him. He replaced the PADD and stood firmly with his hands behind his back.

Rodan: Well, I have good news... The scans of the shuttle and surrounding area showed zero contamination from the Hulk. Even Millie's quarantine has been lifted. Which is good news for the ship and crew. And we can rule out infection for you. 

Caden/Ar'Gorvalei: Response

Rodan: ::Sighing slightly.:: I was hoping you both could fill in the mystery of that. If it wasn't the Hulk... then what is it?

Caden/Ar'Gorvalei: Response

Rodan: I'll take wild stabs in the dark at this point. Give me something!

Caden/Ar'Gorvalei: Response


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