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Regan Wilde

Apr 8, 2021, 8:17:37 AM4/8/21

  ((USS Arrow - Deck 1; Ready Room))

Dran: You seem bothered by it, sir. Does the Federation not utilise Omega?

The Captain gave a kind of snort, as if to dismiss the notion. Dran looked to R'Ariel in confusion for a second.
Shayne: Out of curiosity, how long has this technology been functioning?
Dran: Well, we've used it for nigh on two years. And as you can see, our attempt to control it has been successful. Ventis is stronger for it. Our world has never been so at peace. I must say, all this... showmanship with the screens seems a little theatrical.

R'Ariel:  Theatrics aside, I think the puzzle looks different than any of us expected, but the pieces fitting together is definitely going to show us how well we can work together.
Shayne: Then we have time… a little time, at least. Ambassador, all of Starfleet operates under one absolute principle- the Prime Directive. It states that no officer or crewmember is to interfere in the natural development, or social machinations, of a culture. It is why we waited until you achieved warp drive to make contact, and it is why we are so very cautious in our conduct. Counselor R’Ariel can attest to this. 
R'Ariel: Very true.  Every world in the Federation contributes as an equal member to this great Federation, each world having demonstrated at time of membership that they can put aside their differences and rivalry on their own world for unity, so that we can do the same on the galactic stage.
Shayne rose from his seat solemnly and spoke further.
Shayne: Understand, Ambassador- Starfleet officers have died to uphold that directive. It is expected- demanded- of us. Yet, in all the galaxy, there is one order, one command, one superseding responsibility that every Starfleet captain is beholden to even more immediately, and the reason for that responsibility is sitting on your planet as we speak.

Dran: I don't think I'm following your point, Captain. What is so dangerous about Omega that warrants Starfleet to interfere like this?

The computer monitor was turned again, showing a grainy image of a starbase with a terrible hole blown through it.

Shayne: This image was captured nearly two hundred years ago, when our scientists were first experimenting with Omega. A single molecule destabilized, and blew the station to pieces. We lost over a hundred people- and if it would help to have some level of scale, the station you see here is nearly ten times the size of the ship you’re aboard right now. 
R’Ariel: This is beyond theatrics, deep into trust, we are talking about ALL our lives.

Dran inspected the image for a long moment. He was no fool. He knew stepping out in the universe would not be an easy feat, or one without danger. He didn't think that one day he'd be stood on a starship arguing the merits of their achievements to a body of aliens who would want to take it away from them.

Dran: That was an unfortunate accident, Captain, and I'm sorry for the loss of life. 

Most technological and scientific achievements came with a certain amount of risk. How many people had lost their lives in those transporters? Surely in the early days of transporter technology there must have been incidents on this kind of scale. He didn't mean to be callous over it, but the similarities were similar.

Shanye/R'Ariel: Response

Dran: In my authority as Ambassador for the petition for Federation membership, I would welcome Federation scientists to come to the planet to study our methods and work together to develop Omega technology safely. I believe that's the spirit of cooperation the Federation represents. Just because it wasn't feasible two hundred years ago, doesn't mean we should throw away this opportunity.

Shayne/R'Ariel: Response

Dran: It's the best offer I can make, Captain. 

Shayne/R'Ariel: Response

The more he heard about Starfleet rules and regulations the shorter Dran's temper became. So too his ability to want to listen to it. It seems Starfleet had a pretty detailed contingency plan when it came to theories and technology it didn't have - or didn't hope to understand. Sure, Dran didn't know the ins-and-outs of Omega, but he had faith in those that did, and so far they'd had no catastrophes.

As he began to understand what Starfleet's plan was, his face became stony and ashen. 

Dran: No. ::He looked to the two officers.:: Of all the absolute arrogance of you people! You do not have the right to police the scientific spectrum of the galaxy. This Prime Directive you speak of is a... ::He searched his memory of the Earth information the Arkhipov supplied.:: 'Get out of jail free' card. You sit and wait until a culture is advanced enough by your standards, then are perfectly happy to wade in and instruct us where you want us to go.

Shayne/R'Ariel: Response

Dran: All I'm hearing is that we have something you don't know how to work, and so you want to take it away from us. That is not going to happen. My people have worked too hard and come too far to go backwards into war. If we lose The Miracle, we lose everything!

Shayne/R'Ariel: Response

Dran: I have made my offer, Captain. The Federation Science Council may send as many scientists as needed to study Omega under our instruction. 

Shayne/R'Ariel: Response


MSNPC Ambassador Dran
Venthis Coalition Diplomatic Council

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