Counselor R'Ariel: Figuring Out The Chalnoth

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Sep 22, 2022, 10:48:48 AMSep 22
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Turbolift - USS Arrow ))

Her mind was swirling with the possibilities, as she took up a small bit of the turbolift with O'Malley and Ar'Gorvalei.

R'Ariel: Dr Ar’Gorvalei, I'm thinking we should try to find out what we can about Chalnoth sedatives, dosage, and so forth.

Ar’Gorvalei: Response

The turbolift was about to depart, when a welcome addition joined them.

MacKenna: On my way to the intel suite to see what I can dig up.

R’Ariel:  I know I would appreciate more information.  I'm not sure my usual methods of calming a patient will be particularly effective with the Chalnoth.

O’Malley/Ar’Gorvalei: Response

Her tail swished at an uneasy rhythm.

MacKenna: Forgive me, but I do hope that we won't be needing your services, doctors.

She nodded an enthusiastic agreement.

Ar’Gorvalei: Response

MacKenna: But I know that we will always need yours.

The intel officer nodding to the operations officer, finding R'Ariel grateful to be surrounded by such highly competent officers.  O'Malley certainly fit that quality, from what she knew of her.  She had a good feeling about her, perhaps they would get a chance to know each other better soon.

O’Malley: Response?

MacKenna: With all the recent additions, managing the power during an emergency might end up the most critical task.

O’Malley: Response?

Ar'Gorvalei: Responses?

R'Ariel: Perhaps it would be a good idea if I met with the non-patient representatives of the Chalnoth.  Try to establish a psychological baseline for this group.  Might give us insight, medically, and diplomatically.

MacKenna/O'Malley/Ar'Gorvalei: Responses?


Lieutenant Commander R'Ariel
Chief Medical Officer
Doctor of Psychology
USS Arrow
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