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Nov 27, 2023, 6:25:41 PM11/27/23
((Sickbay, USS Arrow))

The away team was getting checked out by the medical staff after the mission on the ghost station. 

Piweh: You were all hit by a burst of Chroniton radiation, and lost in a timeloop. We believe that the creatures you saw were other beings lost in a similar loop, where your loops intersected if only briefly. We have reason to believe that they were Sheliak. ::break:: And that something horrible had happened to them.

Ra: But the details are still obscure.

Ohnari: A few of us experienced flashes of the some...unpleasant manners...

Piweh: We have photographic evidence from a camera we recovered. I'm certain it will be in the mission report, but I'd advise looking at it in any of your current states. The pictures are truly horrific. ::shakes head::

Zenno: I concur with Doctor Piweh. Debriefing can wait. Recovery is most important. oO Will they let me leave now? I feel like a distraction in here. I must get back to my station and research whatever the Ensign is on about. Could it be a threat to the ship or crew? Oo

Ra: Indeed.

Ohnari: I'm going to ask that you stay for in Sickbay for Observation, but we will move you into a private room so you can get some rest. ::smiling softly:: Just to be safe. ::turning, she glanced down to the setup the newest Security Chief had made for himself.:: Mr. Zenno, your scans have all been cleared. I am comfortable releasing you. Should you feel any disorientation or discomfort, I insist you report back to us. 

Zenno: Doctor, I am a Security Officer. I have no feelings. Except maybe about hand phaser charging levels. But should any emerge, I will report at once.

Piweh/Orsalen: Responses? 

Berry: Make sure to report to me, if you feel mentally- ::short pause:: conflicted with your feeling, alright?

Zenno: Of course, counselor. I will monitor and report.

Piweh/Ohnari/Ra/Orsalen: Responses?

Berry: I would rather stay... My presence might still be needed here.

Piweh/Ohnari/Ra/Orsalen: Responses?

Zenno slid off the bed, gathered his things, and went off to the Security Suite to see what horrors awaited him. Undoubtedly, there would be something Astrid-related to either fix or monitor.

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