Commander Ash MacKenna - Conflicting Thoughts

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Marissa Jeffrey

Sep 25, 2022, 2:39:42 PMSep 25
to USS Arrow
((Turbolift, USS Arrow))

Ash was trying. 

With so many things running through her mind, and so many forces to keep at bay, she was doing what she could to keep a steady mind and build up those around her. The fact was, she wasn't feeling too built up herself. After all, what good was an intel officer who knew next to nothing about what the crew was going to be walking into in less than two hours. She frowned to herself as the conversation gracefully turned away from her and to another aspect of things.

R'Ariel: Perhaps it would be a good idea if I met with the non-patient representatives of the Chalnoth.  Try to establish a psychological baseline for this group.  Might give us insight, medically, and diplomatically. 
Ar’Gorvalei: This could be an opportunity to increase the Federation’s knowledge of Chalnoth physiology and psychology. If appropriate, it would be extremely helpful to get in contact with Chalnoth healers.

Did they have healers? Ash raised an eyebrow and considered the thought. They ate raw meat, other beings, right? But not each other. Were they certain of that? Were they certain of anything? Looking at the Efrosian, she realized that he was approaching it with the most level head of them all, perhaps, as if they were another being in the grand painting of the universe.

Which, of course, they were, but fear did funny things to people and their minds.

MacKenna: Like most other aspects, I have little to no intel on if they even have such things.

Her voice was low and reflected the feelings deep within. Shayne seemed to be counting on her, and she'd somehow landed a role in the meeting party, but she certainly did not feel as if she belonged, and she was more than a little concerned that she was going to let him and everyone else down.

O'Malley/R’Ariel: Responses? 
The doctor shrugged.
Ar’Gorvalei: Even technologically primitive communities generally have someone who knows how to treat common sicknesses and set bones. 
MacKenna: Perhaps you are right.

Optimistic, but right.

O'Malley/R’Ariel: Responses?

While the conversation continued around her, Ash found that her destination had been reached. Looking at the others, she nodded politely and stepped off the lift.

MacKenna: Good luck on your end. I'll send out updates if I find anything.

R'Ariel/O'Malley/Ar'Gorvalei: Responses?

And with that, the doors slid closed, leaving her to her own thoughts, in an empty corridor.

((Intel Suite, Deck 6, USS Arrow))

Ash's mind was definitely elsewhere as she wandered into her broom closet office. There wasn't much space, nor many people, which was just fine with her anyways. Somehow, between the door and her desk, only a few feet separated really, she'd managed to replicate some coffee and perch herself in a chair in such a way that looked supremely uncomfortable, and almost impossible. And yet, the lithe red-head somehow managed it as her emerald green eyes danced through the various data streams she'd set up on the screens around her.

There had to be something to be found in all of it. There always was.

This was where the security chief found her, precariously sitting on the edge of the chair with her feet under her and only her toes barely on the edge of the chair. The rest of her was suspended in the air above them, frozen in thought until, without a move, she acknowledged the approaching Magna Roman.

MacKenna: Chief.

Her eyes continued to dart around the screens of information, most in its most basic raw form, thinking that maybe...just maybe there was something there. Chatter could be quite difficult to filter, but for Ash, well, if she wasn't good at anything else in the world, she was good at that.

Serinus: I was just dropping in to see if you had dug anything up that might affect the briefing that I'll be giving my section before we arrive in Chalnoth space?

Still, she didn't look at him, too deep now to stop the streams or lose her place. There was something there, but what did it mean? She frowned ever so slightly, letting the silence permeate the room around them for a long moment until the strands of whispers faded from the words that were streaming by. Blinking to herself, she tapped a command that stopped the data scrolling and she leaned back, falling into the chair she was in to sit 'normally'. 

As intended might have been the better definition, but either way, her boots were now on the floor, her rear was in the seat, and her eyes moved to the security chief nearby.

MacKenna: There's really not much. 

Serinus: I see.

Did he though? She let her eyebrow move upwards again before continuing.

MacKenna: Something weaving through Blacknet suggests that there has been some sort of conflict. I couldn't tell you what, or who was involved, but it seems to be centered around only the Chalnoth. 

She chewed on the thought for a long time considering options.

Serinus: Response?

Another long bout of silence rested as Ash allowed her mind to wander the implications and potentials of different reasoning. Finally, she looked up.

MacKenna: It could be anything from a tiny border skirmish to an all out civil war. 

Serinus: Response?

Unfortunately, nothing was as easy as they hoped it would be, least of all decoding the reasonings behind a strange political and social move by a race they knew little about and had even less experience with.

MacKenna: We may just have to wait and see, as unsettling as being unprepared is.

Serinus: Response?


Commander Ash MacKenna
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Arrow

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