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((USS Arrow, Sickbay))

Avar still wasn't completely sure that she was on Arrow, and not in the shadow beings domain, but she had decided to trust that she was for the time being. She guessed that the heightened stress of the last minutes they were onboard had caused her to completely misinterpret what was going on.

Orsalen: What were those things? Were they the same shadows from Drothos?

At the time she had been convinced that the beings they saw were the same ones that doomed the first helix in the Expanse to catastrophe, but she was not at all sure anymore.

Piweh: You were all hit by a burst of Chroniton radiation, and lost in a timeloop. We believe that the creatures you saw were other beings lost in a similar loop, where your loops intersected if only briefly. We have reason to believe that they were Sheliak. ::break:: And that something horrible had happened to them.

Avar could believe that. Whatever happened to the Sheliak could have left a psychic residue, as was known to happen in such places. Perhaps that was why the mission had gone so badly wrong.

Ra: But the details are still obscure.

Ohnari: A few of us experienced flashes of the past...in some...unpleasant manners...

Piweh: We have photographic evidence from a camera we recovered. I'm certain it will be in the mission report, but I'd advise looking at it in any of your current states. The pictures are truly horrific. ::shakes head::

Orsalen: oO I don't think I'll ever look at those pictures. Oo

Zenno: I concur with Doctor Piweh. Debriefing can wait. Recovery is most important.

Ra: Indeed.

Ohnari: I'm going to ask that you stay for in Sickbay for Observation, but we will move you into a private room so you can get some rest. ::smiling softly:: Just to be safe. ::turning, she glanced down to the setup the newest Security Chief had made for himself.:: Mr. Zenno, your scans have all been cleared. I am comfortable releasing you. Should you feel any disorientation or discomfort, I insist you report back to us.

Zenno: Doctor, I am a Security Officer. I have no feelings. Except maybe about hand phaser charging levels. But should any emerge, I will report at once.

Berry: Make sure to report to me, if you feel mentally- ::short pause:: conflicted with your feeling, alright?

Zenno: Of course, counselor. I will monitor and report.

Avar let the talk sink into her, reaffirm that she was safe, more or less. At least they were safe now, they had been in an incredibly dangerous position, and she had brought them to it.

Piweh/Ohnari/Ra: Responses?

Berry: I would rather stay... My presence might still be needed here.

Piweh/Ohnari/Ra: Responses?

Orsalen: I want to submit myself for reprimand.

Berry/Ohnari/Piweh/Ra: Responses?

Orsalen: I suggested that it would be safe to board the station. And I detected the radiation burst that led us to the station in the first place.

Berry/Ohnari/Piweh/Ra: Responses?

Ensign Avar Orsalen

Operations Officer

USS Arrow


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