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David Hemming

Nov 19, 2020, 9:26:44 AM11/19/20

  ((USS Arrow - Deck 1; Bridge))

There was much confusion as the Arrow came under fire from the Orion vessel, and Beriali Dau had to duck low to get through the phasered hole burnt into the blast doors of the conference room. The vessel had been boarded by pirates, and it didn't take a genius to know that the shields had been penetrated.

Dau raised his wrist to his hand, his personal communicator holstered in his long purple sleeves.

Dau: =/\= Dau to Syrtan. Beam me back immediately. =/\=

With a shiny silver shimmer, he was deposited safety back on his bridge.

  ((Syrtan - Bridge))

With a look of urgency, his young bridge officer looked at him expectantly.

Menra: I take it the negotiations have failed, sir?

Dau: To a degree. I must admit that I now see the folly of having so many personalities aboard at the same time. The Klingon's care for nothing but honour, and the Orion woman seems to have been pulling the strings all along.

Now was not the time to analyse, though. That could be done later. Now he had a mission to do.

Taking his seat in the centre of the command room, he graceful sat and brought up the side panel on his chair.

Dau: Menra, analyse the dampening field that the Razor's Edge is outputting.

Menra: Captain, are you suggesting we enter this conflict?

The young Caldonians eyes looked worried. The Syrtan was a large vessel, one of the largest in the flotilla, but it's armaments were shockingly poor. It was a science vessel, designed and equipped for long range deep space science missions, not combat. It's shielding was impressive, though. They were strong enough to perform long and complex scans of stars and other stellar matter, the shields proving ample protection from radiation and exotic particles where other ships would not.

Dau: We pose no threat to the Edge, however we can provide support to the Arrow.

Menra: ::Checking his console.:: The dampening field is being projected from mini-satellites scattered around the flotilla. The execution of this plan is very skilled indeed. It must have taken them weeks in planning to set them up, especially without the rest of us knowing. Most impressive.

With a nod, Dau had to agree. The cunning in this assault was immeasurable.

Menra: What shall we do, Captain?

Dau considered the options. The Syrtan was far too large to manoeuvre around the rest of the ships blockaded in Theta 122, it's armaments too weak to take potshots at the satellites. Suddenly his eyebrows raised in surprise. 

Dau: Helm, move us as close as you can to the Arrow. Then I want to extend our shields to encompass the vessel. They should hold long enough to provide some relief to Starfleet.

Helm: Aye, Captain.

Dau: Communications, please patch me through the IKS K'Prong.

All eyebrows raised on the bridge. This was unusual. With a curt nod, the communications officer patched through the signal to the Klingon Bird of Prey.

Murkad: =/\= Response =/\=

Dau: =/\= Greetings, General. All pleasantries aside, I must speak quickly. We require your assistance in destroying a series of mini-probes in the system, ones which are dispersing a dampening field to the USS Arrow. =/\=

Murkad: Response

Dau: =/\= I appreciate your position, General. I am no Ferengi, but I can offer a bargain which may prove beneficial to you. =/\=

All eyes fell on the tall, languid Caldnonian.

Murkad: Response

Dau: =/\= My crew and I have been working on a way to irradiate the Theta planet. A radiation that has absolutely no effect on carbon lifeforms whatsoever. But to silicon-based life like Sheliak or Tholians, would be very irritating on a cellular level. It means the Sheliak would never be able to colonise Theta 122. It is non-lethal in effect and works in principle as a cellular irritant. ::He paused.:: If you help us now, I will work with you to weaponise the substance we created, in order to destroy the Sheliak. Isn't that what you wanted, General? =/\=

Murkad: Response

Dau sucked in a light breath. As a scientist he was committed to peace and learning, but desperate times called for desperate measure. A deal with the Klingons may lead to more trouble than it was worth, but it was the only advantage he had.

Dau: =/\= Then we have an accord? =/\=

Murkad: Response


((OOC: I don't know who wants to take over Murkad in Jay's absence, but have at it! ;) ))

Captain Beriali Dau
CO & Head Scientist
Science Vessel Syrtan

as simmed by:
Lieutenant(jg) Regan Wilde
USS Arrow
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