Ensign Ceilidh Slipka - Work out and Curiosity.

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Christopher Huskins

May 25, 2023, 10:56:54 PM5/25/23
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((Gymnasium, Deck 2, USS Arrow))




Waters: Good morning, Ensign. I see I am not the only one who appreciates an active start to the day.


Ceilidh was just wrapping up her two-mile warm up run prior to starting up the hologram fighting dummy to practice some Krav Maga. She was still getting used to some of the more advanced moves since she took up the fighting style when she noticed a red headed human female accompanied by a Terran canine enter the room. Ceilidh's bangs were plastered to her forehead and helped to hide her Ja’risia.


Slipka: Good Morning sir. I just working out some of my frustrations. I am getting ready to let the hand-to-hand hologram program give me a lesson or two in advanced Krav Maga. Do I know you sir?


Waters: I recognize you from the duty roster. Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters. Mission specialist. ::extending a hand:: Your chair was mine, previously.


Ceilidh regarded her as the Commander extended her hand. Slipka studied the manner in which the Commander was speaking, her curiosity sparked. She took the proffered hand, and shook it.



Slipka: Ensign Ceilidh Slipka, Comms/Ops Officer. So, you were the previous Comms/Ops Officer on the Arrow. I hope you did a better job on your first mission than I did. Sir, do you mind if I ask a personal question?


Waters: Response


Slipka: I mean no disrespect, but I am curious if you are using a JV 270 subdermal neural translator. I have read about it in one of my technical journals but never seen one in use. I find it fascinating. I have so many questions about it if you are using one and do not mind me asking about it?


Ceilidh’s normally introvert-self changed when she had heard the subdermal neural translator. Her curiosity had overridden her discretion.


Waters: Response



Ensign Ceilidh Slipka
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