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Nov 12, 2020, 9:29:29 AM11/12/20
((Cockpit, Shuttlecraft 1))

The away team filed into the shuttlecraft and it began to launch. It was
fairly soon they discovered why they had lost comms once more. A
dampening field, in space, being run by what seemed to be a Maqui
raider. A Maqui raider which was currently firing on the Arrow.

Even as lightly armed as they were normally (and this one appeared to
have been modified), a shuttlecraft would normally have been very easily
fried by only a few shots. But Chloe wasn't an easy to hit target.

Collins: We have to make an approach. Do we have any options?

The helm officer turned her head to Collins, and in this moment, she
felt somehow... different. She felt cold. Very cold. There was only one
way to get aboard the Arrow, and it had the potential to go wrong in so
many different ways. But Chloe knew she could pull it off. She smirked,
and her face hardened. Did she even look like the same delicate flower
Collins was familiar with anymore?

Waters: There is one.

Collins: I don't like that look. Why don't I like that look?

Waters: Probably because you do not want to, sir.

Collins: Response

Waters: Trust me. It is better if you do not know.

Collins: Response

Waters took a brief look around the small cabin. Eventually, her eyes
settled on Caden next to her. With her brief time as both an operations
officer and now, as a scientist, she reasoned Caden had the best chance
of getting her the information she needed.

Waters: Ensign. I need you to determine the shield frequency of that raider.

Caden: Response

Waters: On my signal, set shields to the inverse of that frequency.

Caden/any: Response

Waters: I suggest everyone find something to hold onto. This will not be

As Chloe spoke, she began to accelerate the shuttle away from the
atmosphere of the planet they had just launched from. In the process, it
seemed she attracted the attention of the raider. It tried to get a lock
on the now much smaller, moving target, but with one, hard motion, Chloe
swung the shuttle around. Now, at full impulse, it began to barrel
straight towards the planet.

Caden: Response

Chloe appreciated the distance information. Even if Caden was or was not
aware of what her plan was, it was one less thing to keep her mind on.

Any: Response

Waters: Brace.

With that one word, she angled the shuttle slightly, bouncing off the
atmosphere and aiming it... directly at the raider. It resumed firing at
the small vessel, which seemed to have been turned projectile, but they
were just too fast for the hostile's weapons. That didn't mean they
didn't get close shots, though.

Three... two...

Waters: Invert shields.

Caden: Response

The reaction from Caden came at the right moment. The shuttle bounced
off the raider's shields, now flying straight towards the Arrow. A
docking bay entrance would be out of the question, but the Arrow did
have an external hatch they could connect to.

Waters: Match the shield frequency of the Arrow. We are going in.

Caden/Any: Response

That part about the ride being unpleasant? Yep... that was no
exaggeration. But this was perhaps the most unpleasant portion of the
ride. The shuttle, through the various gravitational fields, was
traveling faster than it was ever meant to. And although Starfleet
construction methods usually produced strong results, they did have
their limits. And Chloe was playing with them to the extreme, here.
Alarms began to signify structural stress as Chloe applied full impulse,
in reverse, just to slow them down. They didn't need to crash through
the Arrow's hull after all this.

Caden/Any: Response

Either Chloe was about to get a medal, or Collins and Shayne would send
her back to Starfleet Academy for the stunt she just pulled. At this
point, she couldn't guess which, but as the shuttle returned to a safe
velosity and cruised to a stop close enough to touch the Arrow's
airlock, she didn't particularly care which. She powered down the
engines and allowed the two vessels to connect magnetically, but there
was still one further thing to consider here.

Airlocks, at least internally, were fairly easy to open. All one needed
was for someone to tap a control. But when one wasn't standing there to
properly perform the procedure, it became a fair bit more complicated.
Now, they needed a senior officer to perform the process remotely. And
because it was remotely initiated, said officer would need to have
strong credentials. Chloe stood from her chair and nodded to Collins,
certain he was aware of this as much as she.

Collins/Any: Response

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