Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus - Talking past the pain.

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Joseph George

Oct 13, 2021, 2:42:54 PMOct 13
((Security Suite, Deck 3, USS Arrow))

Serinus: Could I offer you some kind of water, coffee, or tea?

He didn't want to say enough liquor, at least outright, but he hoped it was understood and appreciated for the act of concern that it was.

Jones: Coffee would be the smart move. 

Artinus went to the nearest replicator and had a cup of coffee, and a glass of ice water made up. 

Walking back to his desk, he delivered the beverages to each of their spots, before walking back and sitting in his chair, with his typical upright posture.

Jones: So what's on your mind, Commander?

Drawing in a deep breath, he spoke.

Serinus: I am deeply sorry that I couldn't, didn't save your Marines.

Jones:  They knew what they were doing. And they would have done it again.

The man wasn't making it easy on him, despite the attempt. He wanted to feel guilty, needed to feel guilty. It was his fault, after all. All of his training, and preparation had failed him.

Serinus: I have no doubt. The facts don't change the horror of what I witnessed yesterday.

Jones: Response

Serinus: Yes, maybe it is better to focus on positive steps moving forward. ::break:: I understand that your squadron reports directly to Commander MacKenna?

Jones: Response

Artinus nodded slowly, a contemplative nod. The Magna Roman Security Chief had learned how to convey much meaning with the simple up and down motion of his head.

Serinus: Then, with your permission of course, I will be asking her to do some cross-training with your team.

Jones: Response

Serinus: I want our people to understand each other's operations enough to work together better, if we're thrust into it again. So there are no more unnecessary losses.

Realizing that he'd yet to take a drink of his water, he reached for the glass and did so, before returning it to his desk.

Jones: Response

Serinus: There are of course, ships and installations where Security and Marines have developed rivalries. Friendly, or not so much. I am deeply competitive in my personal life. Had I a proper office, you'd be sitting next to a trophy case full of sports awards. I don't bring that into my professional life. I want both of our units to be able to do their jobs flawlessly, alone or together as needed or thrust upon us.

Jones: Response

Serinus: Good, thanks for your understanding Chief. I'll arrange a meeting with Commander MacKenna at our mutual convenience. Is there anything I can help you with, while we're here?

Jones: Response



- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

   Chief of Security

   USS Arrow, 


   Publicity Team/Social Media Team

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