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David H

Sep 25, 2022, 6:04:48 PMSep 25

   ((ICV Saracen - Bridge))

The bridge was dark and brooding, much like his mood. He could sense the tension on the crew. These were trying times and they were traversing into the unknown, yet he knew none on his crew would ever question him.

The ship approached at high warp, and on their viewer the Federation starship seemed an odd, clunky vessel hanging in space. This was what Starfleet had sent to them? While he didn't presume that they would send a flagship, he had to confess he expected a little more. Most of his fleet were larger than the Arrow, but only time would tell of her capabilities. 

When they were in range, he signalled for the attack pattern. He had no desire to attack, but he knew their show of power would put them on equal footing with the mighty Federation. The two strike ships detached on schedule and performed a graceful surround pattern around the Arrow. When Messoq was satisfied his presence had been appreciated he sent out the hail.

The human species had always been a mystery to him. Eons ago, such a basic bipedal form would have been used as a labour force to the Chalnoth. Hunting them would be no sport, instead they'd be used as fodder, or cattle. Their Captain loomed back at him over the viewscreen.

Messoq: =/\= USS Arrow. I am Captain Messoq of the ICV Saracen. I would speak with you. =/\=


The plain human stood and stepped forward.


Shayne: =/\= Captain Shayne. I look forward to it- though I doubt three ships are necessary for a conversation. How do you plan to go about this? =/\=


Messoq: =/\= Face to face, as is the custom of my people. ::Beat.:: Prepare for my arrival. =/\=


Shayne: =/\= We’ll be glad to beam you aboard, but not with your ships in an attack formation around us. =/\= 

Messoq sat back in his chair. His face remained neutral, but inwardly he had to admit he was marginally amused that his tactic had worked.


Messoq: =/\= And if we don't? =/\=


He was testing the human, admittedly. He might be there at his own request, but he would not be dictated to so brazenly.


Shayne: =/\= The longer you delay, the longer it takes us to get you the help you need. Recollect your ships so we can get started. =/\=


Messoq: =/\= ::Long pause.:: Agreed. Prepare for our arrival. =/\=

The line cut and Messoq glanced around his bridge. The bridge crew didn't look at him, but he knew that he'd not lost any respect for agreeing. Their cause was higher than his own ego.


((ICV Saracen - Ready Room))

Messoq had selected the team that would greet the Starfleet contingent. He trusted each one of them, and knew they wouldn't disrespect him or the Federation.

He was a large Chalnoth, maybe a little too round in the stomach now for his age, and if he were human, he'd be considered to be heavily bearded, although for a Chalnoth it was part of his fur. The door chime to his private sanctuary chimed loudly, and he bade them enter.

An older Chalnoth male, greying now, and stooped over from some old battle wound. He was wearing the robes of an elder, and as a large walking stick he used the polished femur bone of an animal native to their homeworld used for millennia as a steed.

Messoq stood in respect for the elder, though the much older Chalnoth raised a wizened, wrinkled hand.

Belloq: You are the master of this vessel, you do not rise for me.

Messoq sat, begrudgingly, but offered the old man a seat.

Messoq: Are you well enough to join us on the Federation vessel?

The elder Chalnoth nodded.

Belloq: It's of the utmost importance that I do.

The Captain sighed heavily and picked up an information PADD from his desk. He scanned over their recent battle report.

Messoq: Are you sure the Federation can help us?

Belloq: They are benevolent, and respect life. I believe they will give us the aid we need. Politically, though, they may not wish to get involved.

Messoq: I'm uneasy about involving Starfleet at all. If we are to win this fight, we should do it through our own might!

The older Chalnoth nodded, and rested his bony hands on the top of his staff. Strength and might were their way. It had been for centuries. And where had it gotten them? A scattered species at war with itself.

Belloq: You've come this far. Your fleet obeys you, they believe in the cause. We just need aid in these trying times. The Federation are, regrettably, our best bet.

Messoq thought for a moment. Their last skirmish had been particularly brutal, his crew were injured, his repairs lagging behind. Belloq was right.

{{Another Timewarp}}

((USS Arrow - Deck 2; Transporter Room))

The transporter beam energized and deposited them on the shiny Starfleet vessel. He'd never been on a Starfleet ship before, or even heard of what to expect. The cleanliness and uniformity of the room's design didn't displease him, but he was intrigued.

Shayne/Anyone: Response

Messoq stepped down from the pad and nodded in greeting.

Messoq: Captain, my thanks for meeting with us. I understand this is a momentous occasion for both of our worlds.

Shayne/Anyone: Response

Standing tall to avoid embarrassment, Messoq set his jaw.

Messoq: I'm afraid I don't know your customs or pleasantries. Forgive us if we offend.

Shayne/Anyone: Response

Turning, he gestured to the party with him.

Messoq: The elder of my tribe, Belloq. And my First, Hallack.

Hallack: Response

Shayne/Anyone: Response


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