Counselor R'Ariel: Big Wounded Chalnoth?

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Sep 22, 2022, 10:26:10 AMSep 22
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
(( Sickbay - USS Arrow ))

Inventories were done, logs made, and a routine physical had just been completed by R'Ariel stand atop a box platform to enable a slightly improved reach.  As she put the box back to the corner of the room out of the way, she chuckled over the thought of how she could probably fit IN the box, and a strange kind of curiosity begged her to see if she could fit in the box.  Fortunately, Security Chief's check-in beeped in on her combadge, saving her dignity.

R'Ariel: =/\= Sickbay is ready. R'Ariel out. =/\=

She glanced at the box briefly with a wild eye, and turned away to the resume her duties, a briefing in the conference room surely to be forthcoming any moment now.

(( Conference Room - USS Arrow ))

R'Ariel found her seat at the large table, for a meeting of unusual flavor.

oO The Chalnoth? Oo

Interactions with the Sheliak had been unusual, but now adding the Chalnoth to the list.  The USS Arrow was certainly making history.  Was there a connection, and of course the Captain was quick to query the one who would know.

MacKenna: There's not much chatter about it yet, so I'm not sure it's been thoroughly looked at. I'd proceed assuming there's a connection given the proximity and activity in the area.

Shayne: In that case you’ll be with the initial meet-and-greet party. How much experience have you with the Chalnoth?

MacKenna: Unfortunately, not much. They haven't connected with us in quite some time, and even here, the request was very short.

Shayne: If outside communication is rare, then asking for help is practically unheard of for a Chalnoth. Nevertheless, if this is a medical situation, I want Sickbay standing by for large-scale triage. Keep cargo bays and the mess halls on standby.

Peering out from her chair, she nodded.

R'Ariel: We may need some assistance from engineering to help prep any cargo bay space.

She glanced at Dr Ar’Gorvalei, always appreciative for his gifted insight.

Ar’Gorvalei: Response

Shayne: You know what they say about wounded animals, Commander. Keep your teams at high alert for the duration of this interaction. Chloe, I want us ready to get out of here at a moment’s notice, and depending on what they need from us when we arrive, we might need your shuttle flying abilities.

Serinus: Yes, sir.

R'Ariel:  Security may definitely be needed, I know I don't want to think about trying to restrain a Chalnoth without, but I'd like to play the proximity of security teams by ear, adding what might be perceived as threat to patients suffering trauma could be disastrous.

As the Captain continued the conference with the other departments, her mind began to drift into envisioning the many ways this mission might play out.  The Chalnoth weren't considered to be the most docile and agreeable species known, and what would wounded be like?  She shuddered at the thought, they were kind of a tall species too.  She was feeling pretty small again.

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