Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters: Darkness Remembers

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Nov 28, 2023, 9:17:57 PM11/28/23
((Chloe's Quarters, U.S.S Arrow))

Ohnari: As ironic as it is, death being the natural enemy of my
profession and all, I actually don't fear it. Yes, we have a
rather...adversarial relationship, of course, but I still can't bring
myself to fear it. At least, not when the time comes and I truly cannot
do anything about it. Kind of comforting in it's finality.

The prospect of death wasn't in itself what terrified her. What did it
was the lack of control Chloe had over... everything. How she had no
control over what she could remember, from moment to moment. Having the
ability to recognize something was very, very wrong, but being unable to
do something, anything, to fix it.

But it was more than just that bothering her. The chilling... what was
it? Why was someone reaching for her? Was it a distress call?
Desperation? Curiosity?

Waters: I can't help but feel we should have done... something.
Something more. For them.

What would that have been, though? What could they have done? Was there

But not even to attempt anything...

Ohnari: ::sighing heavily:: I understand, completely. But...I don't
think we were meant to fix anything.

The future wasn't always written, until it was. They had a window, the
potential to alter it. But to not even try... something about that felt
wrong to her.

Waters: But would the temporal prime directive truly apply, if time was
in flux in the first place? What would have happened if Mr. Dewitt had
not restored the station's position?

Ohnari: That is to say, I think we were there to observe. To remember.
The ones who perished...if it wasn't a terrible accident...someone
did that...and it was lost, lost and forgotten. All they went
through....and for all of that to just be lost?

Mandy provided a small break in the conversation. She let out a little
grumbling sound and dropped onto her stomach. Paws extended in front of
her, she rolled onto her back and waved them at Ohnari.

Mandy's movements gave Chloe a moment to collect her thoughts, and she
let out a little huff with a frown.

Waters: Who is to say what was written, was written? It all seems so
senseless, what happened aboard the station.

Ohnari: They deserve justice, of course. If we can't give them that,
we can bring light to what happened.

Waters: But how, when we cannot even be sure who is responsible?

Ohnari: Response

Waters: Perhaps. ::beat:: I still don't know why... the cold, though. Is
it purely... psychological? Or some... residue of the cut connection?

Ohnari: Response

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Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters

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