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((Sickbay, Deck 3, USS Arrow))

Ohnari: A few of us experienced flashes of the past...in some...unpleasant manners...

That was something for the notes, even if they were automated. 

Piweh: We have photographic evidence from a camera we recovered. I'm certain it will be in the mission report, but I'd advise looking at it in any of your current states. The pictures are truly horrific. ::shakes head::

Piweh shook their head rapidly to clear their mind as much as possible, lest they need to vomit again.

Zenno: I concur with Doctor Piweh. Debriefing can wait. Recovery is most important.

Ra: Indeed.

Ohnari: I'm going to ask that you stay for in Sickbay for Observation, but we will move you into a private room so you can get some rest. ::smiling softly:: Just to be safe. ::turning, she glanced down to the setup the newest Security Chief had made for himself.:: Mr. Zenno, your scans have all been cleared. I am comfortable releasing you. Should you feel any disorientation or discomfort, I insist you report back to us.

Zenno: Doctor, I am a Security Officer. I have no feelings. Except maybe about hand phaser charging levels. But should any emerge, I will report at once.

Piweh found this a strange outlook on life, yet a certain detachment was also a supposedly recommended in their own field. Piweh couldn't help but to be a people person, collaboration and teamwork were integral in their culture, as well as the culture of Star Fleet.

Berry: Make sure to report to me, if you feel mentally- ::short pause:: conflicted with your feeling, alright?

Zenno: Of course, counselor. I will monitor and report.

Berry: I would rather stay... My presence might still be needed here.

Ohnari: ::smiling tiredly:: And we appreciate your expertise.

Ra: Are you alright, ensign?

Piweh looked over toward their patient as the head NCO spoke to her, studying the forelorn look on her face.

Orsalen: I want to submit myself for reprimand.

Ra: To my knowledge, you've done nothing worthy of that.

Ohnari: Mine either, and I was with you. 

Piweh just shrugged, they'd been busy and hadn't gotten to study the mission reports yet.

Berry: Response? 

Orsalen: I suggested that it would be safe to board the station. And I detected the radiation burst that led us to the station in the first place.

Ra: Ad astra per aspera. It is the humans that say it best. Without the trouble, we would not be here today. We would know nothing.

The boss gently laid her hand on the Ensign's shoulder and squeezed it. Piweh quite admired her bedside manner already.

Ohnari: Well said, Chief Ra. ::her eyes were kind, but stern:: Listen to me right now Ensign, do not take this on. You did your job, and you did well. No amount of knowledge that you had at the time of the recommendation could have prevented the events on that station. 

Berry/Ra: Responses?

The Bzzit Khat, for their part offered a gentle smile. 
Piweh: We are explorers, are we not? As my people say "You swim, or the currents will take you where they will." That is, you can be tossed around by circumstance, or you can take an active part in changing it.

Orsalen: Responses? 

Ohnari: As far as first missions go, that was more than a little bit of a rough start, but once again, you are not at fault. If you feel the need to place any blame, do so on whomever caused that awful event in the first place. 


The Bzzit nodded along.

Piweh: The Chief is right, well both Chiefs are right.

Piweh only wished that whomever it was could be held to account, but they were likely long gone already.

 Orsalen: Responses? 

Piweh looked at the Orion and then ;looked over her scans, noting mentally than she was still back to her baseline, and holding.

They then cast their gaze to the boss.

Piweh: Lieutenant, maybe you should go get some rest yourself.

Ra/Berry/Orsalen/Ohnari: Response

Piweh shook their head insistently.

Piweh: We've got this, and if we really need you, you're just a commbadge away.

Ra/Berry/Orsalen/Ohnari: Response

Offering a calm and collected smile, they gave Talia a wave.

Piweh: Enjoy your rest, ma'am.

Ra/Berry/Orsalen/Ohnari: Response



Ensign Piweh,

Medical Officer,

USS Arrow, 


Publicity Team/Social Media Team/Image Collective (In training)

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