Capt. Shayne: The Rustling Calm

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Quinn Friedl

Aug 22, 2021, 10:23:05 PMAug 22
((Deck 1, Conference Room, USS Arrow))

Shayne didn’t really notice the presence of his officers until someone quietly spoke to him.

He’d been in the conference room for some time, though the exact calculation was lost to the more studious computer. Before him were PADDs, most of which contained information on the new section of space they were to examine, though that was something of a generous proposition.

Shayne: Hmm? Oh! Hello. 

He stood, pressed a button, and a holographic template of the wide Alpha Isles expanded. Within the image existed a variety of differently colored areas, denoting either civilization borders or regions of space worthy of demarcation. Notably for a Starfleet chart, however, some parts of the region were well and exactingly explored, while others were barely more than dark spots on the map. 

Shayne: If you’ll turn your attention to this unspecified region here, you’ll note a distinct lack of things to note. 

It made sense, Shayne supposed; even the most noble notions of exploration in Starfleet proceeded with an overarching mission in mind, and rare were the occasions where a ship was simply told to go in a direction and find things. That might have worked in the earlier eras of Starfleet exploration, but with the current socio-political tensions and prevalence of subspace telescopics, Starfleet’s resources were now reliably determined toward the greatest scientific, exploratory or humanitarian pay off. Not much was known about the dark sections because it was suspected that there was not much to be known about them. However, with their new presence in the Isles being built outward, it was important to know the region like the back of their figurative hand. 

Shayne: It has yet to be properly charted, which is not surprising; however, the vitality of our mission in the Isles dictates a swift and thorough charting escapade. 

Any: Response 

Shayne pointed an index finger at the speaker. 

Shayne: Nothing specifically, beyond your average planetary and nebular bodies. However, some passing scans taken from old Theta 122 records suggest the presence of a… something. Electromagnetic interference and subspace decohesion. Nothing too unusual, and most of it is explainable by the presence of a star, but we’ll be there to confirm that. 

Any: Response 

This felt like one of those simple milkruns that simply didn’t match the expectation of quiet boredom, but he would not make assumptions while in command. He’d leave that to the younger, less jaded sorts, and the historians that would judge them all regardless. 

Shayne: This will be a mission that will push our scientific division, newly formed and led. As such, each of you should expect to lend your services to the science division for the duration of this exploration mission. 

Collins/Any: Response 

He gazed at them all. 

Shayne: Let’s do some mapping, folks. Anything to add, Commander? 

Shayne turned to his new first officer- now would be the first real test to determine if he’d made the proper selection. 

Rodan: Response 

Any: Response


Captain Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer
USS Arrow
NCC 69829

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