Lt. j.g. Ar'Gorvalei - Treating Sicknesses and Setting Bones

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Jamie Comeau

Sep 22, 2022, 12:51:25 PM9/22/22
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

(( Turbolift - USS Arrow ))

Ar’Gorvalei followed Commander R’Ariel and Ensign O’Malley into the turbolift.

R'Ariel: Dr Ar’Gorvalei, I'm thinking we should try to find out what we can about Chalnoth sedatives, dosage, and so forth.

Ar’Gorvalei: Our knowledge of Chalnoth physiology is sparse, but I’ll see what I can find.

The turbolift doors were about to close when Commander Ash MacKenna slipped inside to join them. 

MacKenna: On my way to the intel suite to see what I can dig up.

R’Ariel:  I know I would appreciate more information.  I'm not sure my usual methods of calming a patient will be particularly effective with the Chalnoth.

O’Malley: Response?

Ar’Gorvalei noticed Commander R’Arrel’s tail swishing arrhythmically.  


oO How does one calm an agitated Chalnoth? With food, perhaps? Oo

MacKenna: Forgive me, but I do hope that we won't be needing your services, doctors.

Ar’Gorvalei: As do I, but best to be prepared.

MacKenna: But I know that we will always need yours. 


The intel officer nodded to Ensign O’Malley, the operations officer. For a moment, looking at the two, Ar’Gorvalei was struck by the oddity of seeing red hair on women, although he knew it wasn’t that rare among humans.

O’Malley: Response?

MacKenna: With all the recent additions, managing the power during an emergency might end up the most critical task.

O’Malley: Response?

 R'Ariel: Perhaps it would be a good idea if I met with the non-patient representatives of the Chalnoth.  Try to establish a psychological baseline for this group.  Might give us insight, medically, and diplomatically. 


Ar’Gorvalei: This could be an opportunity to increase the Federation’s knowledge of Chalnoth physiology and psychology. If appropriate, it would be extremely helpful to get in contact with Chalnoth healers.

MacKenna/O'Malley/R’Ariel: Responses? 


Ar’Gorvalei shrugged. 


Ar’Gorvalei: Even technologically primitive communities generally have someone who knows how to treat common sicknesses and set bones. 


MacKenna/O'Malley/R’Ariel: Responses?


Lieutenant j.g. Ar’Gorvalei 

Medical Officer 

U.S.S. Arrow 


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