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Justin Partridge

Jul 6, 2021, 6:41:27 PM7/6/21
((Interior. U.S.S. Arrow, Deck 2. Gym.))

Alvarez: Okay, let's see what "we" have.

Quentin Collins gave it his all. Diving deeply into a well of someone else's memories, he tried to let "his" body do the real driving. Footwork came to him from an operetta about the founding of Qo'noS. The arms from Swan Lake. He felt his body become unlike a tautly strung bow. He felt...powerful, frankly. Poised. In control of his physicality in a way he had never been before. His spinning seemed to arch through and follow on it's own. His toes perched heavily on the deckplating as he did. 

It hurt but it still felt more controlled than he expected. Maybe this wasn't going to be as hard as he had thought!

Collins: You know, I might have some-

Alvarez: Ay, ay!  What are you doing?!

The control he once had was quickly lost, crashed against the foul placement of his feet and the accidental scraping against his own old feet. He quickly regained his stance, but cast an apologetic eye toward his own face, which was flashing redder with anger and frustration.

Alvarez: You'll hurt yourself... me... dancing in boots like that!

He nodded shallowly, feeling embarrassment start to bubble in his new heart.

Collins: No, no, you're right. But I have to say...I am REALLY out to sea here. I am trying to "move with the music" but it's just...not coming. 


Alvarez: Just take them off, and don't even think about going en pointe unless you like the feeling of toes breaking.  And please, just stick to something simple and traditional.  :: He glared. ::  I forbid you from doing a fan dance. :: Another beat. ::  Actually, you know what... let me pick something out.

She shook his head and Quentin felt his new cheeks radiate harder and brighter. This was all riding on them and Quentin didn't know HOW he was going to get them through this. It was funny, when he first made the transfer to Maria's body, he felt...assured, somewhat. At least far more than he ever felt in his own skin. Quentin always envied Maria in that regard on the outside.

She always seemed to own whatever room she was in. Always had some kind of quip or rejoinder than separated her from the rest of the rank and file. But most of all, she just always seemed so bloody COOL. Cool in a way that Quentin could never even begin to comprehend. When he had made the switch from him to her, he finally felt that. Or at least was grasping at it. 

But now? He felt decidedly UNcool. And unable to think of something that could help his friends, Captain, and the galaxy. It made him feel smaller than he had ever felt before.    

Alvarez: Okay - computer, play Reeta Tyrell's "Kinesis".

And so, it started. Quentin listened for a second to internalize it. It sounded...good! And loose enough to allow for some free-roaming "expressive" dancing, which hopefully could cut the mustard for the Gentii.

Collins: Hey! This might work! It sounds...mellow...


She watched for a moment - but before they could move on, new voices crackled through the melodies..

Shayne (through Waters, with combadge): =/\= Shayne toooooooo Alvarez. Come in. =/\=


Collins: Oh. no, are they on their way? Please don't say they are on their way....

Alvarez: =/\= We're all here, cap.  What's wrong? =/\=

Shayne (through Waters, with crown): =/\= Listen, they’re heading your way now. Standby for… whatever it is you have ready. =/\=

Collins: ohnononononononononoonnnoooooo

Maria closed his eyes as Quentin started her body to pacing, frantically wracking the new brain for some kind of out. Some kind of idea. Oddly enough, Quentin would later describe the feeling as "thrilling". It was like freefalling. They had only seconds with nothing but their wits and their wills to see this through and it felt like Quentin was flying. His new heart thumped heavily in his chest and his manicured fingers twitched slightly, as if trying to pull the thoughts from the air around them like so much fine gossamer. 

From seemingly miles away, Quentin Collins' new driver spoke up.

Alvarez: Okay - Rodan, do you think you could find a smoke machine and some strobe lights?  We'd better hope they aren't prone to seizures...


Alvarez: Anything helps, at this point.  Collins... you're our best hope right now.  Let's see it.  Computer, restart music!

Collins: Belay that!

He shouted it so quickly, he almost didn't even realize he did it. The panicked loaned out eyes of his companions whirled toward him and all he could do was hold his hands toward them, flat. As if trying to keep them from spilling over the edge of a cliff or as if trying to halt the flow of a river out of his control. Something was...forming in the back of his head and the tip of his tongue. 

It was something...insane, frankly. Something that might even come across as off-putting. But it was something he knew back to front and best of all, it was something that could have only been constructed on Earth. It was too weird for any other enlightened culture. He turned to start to explain, smiling slightly with the feeling of gleeful panic that was coursing through his mind.

But before he could, Chloe, Shayne, and the Gentii delegation stepped through the doors of the Gym. 

They all eyed them expectantly. "Randal Shayne" started to speak, presenting them with a stately gesture.

Waters: Strangers and friends, participants and spectators. We are thrilled to have you here. In the hopes of establishing good relations, I now declare the Biriri officially underway.

A heavy silence passed across them. They looked at Quentin. Quentin looked at them. The Gentii looked at them ALL.


Collins: No, we have something! ::he said maybe a touch too quickly.::

Collins: I mean, erm, we present unto exchange...of culture....An ancient Earth...ballad...

He sucked in a mighty breath, trying to adjust his new alto vocal range for what he was about to put it through.

Collins: The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee //
The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
When the skies of November turn gloomy //
With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty //
That good ship and true was a bone to be chewed
When the gales of November came earlyyyyyyyyy

He felt sweat beading on his new brow as the Gentii continued to bore holes through him.

oO God, I hope you like this because there are about ten million more verses...OO

And Quentin was prepared to sing every single one of them...





(Currently Inhabiting the Body of Ensign Maria Alvarez)


(Turned Impromptu OPS Officer) 

U.S.S. ARROW NCC-69829

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