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Justin Partridge

Nov 6, 2020, 4:24:09 PM11/6/20
((Interior. U.S.S. Arrow, Conference Room.))

Eru Ghant felt the pinpricks of anticipation gather on her hands and arms. It was always like this. Right before a fight or a job or anything else of that nature. The stabbing pleasure of strained muscles. Of sweat and of blood, and of course, loot. 

She hoped that wasn't just the bloodwine speaking up as it burned in her gullet and through her own blood. Either way, it would be useful. After a few brief moments, the Fed Captain bustled back into the room. Sans the Klingon. That was at least one rogue element dealt with. As he reached the end of the table again, his apparent "station" amongst the rabble of the universe, he started again to speak.

Shayne: I apologize for my delay in returning, and for the behavior of General Murkad. I am… hopeful that we are each committed to a skeleton agreement. 

Ghant: Speaking for myself, Captain, but I certainly am. I promise to keep the conversation...lively...

She felt eyes on her at the comment, but it did nothing to quell her coiled anticipation. She had sent the signal to her ship just moments before. All she needed to do now was wait...and her moment would come.

The Caldonian's haughty voice stalled her crossing.

Dau: I would rather the conversation more expedient than lively. We have been here for a long time and are nowhere near to completing the purpose of this meeting. 

Shayne: Fortunately, it seems our current company is more… amiable to completing that purpose than before. 

Dakul::Setting the drink down, carefully not making a sound.::Well said Captain.::Smiling.::  

Again the slickness of the Cardassian and his syrupy voice arose a bile in her throat. This Dakul didn't seem as obviously cruel as some of the other Hackels she had encountered during her long and storied life, but the pain sustained by their hands would not go unnoticed or unfelt to Ghant for years still in the further. So deep were her scars that they would be unlikely to fade from her even in death, but she had a plan to at leave stave off their horrors and chilliness for the time being.

Hence the pirating. But even beyond her base "rebellions", her life of freedom was hardwon and would only be kept by bold action. Both for her and her awaiting crews on the surface of Theta and hovering silently just outside their waypoint coordinates, a product of their attention to her will. The Caldonian again broke her from her ruminations.

Dau: I am committed to keeping peace between our ships, just as I have said. But the General, in his haste, did raise a valid point. What are we to do about the Sheliak?

oO Best to keep up the appearance...Oo

Ghant: They have already shown hostile intentions with most of us. Is it not time to show those same intentions back?


Dau: Scientifically speaking, contact with them would be fascinating. But I realise I am in the minority on that, and I don't think the Sheliak would consider themselves worthy of study by lesser species. Sheliak also appear to be unable to be bargained with, or bought... ::He shot an accusatory eye to Blet which garnered another sharp smile from Ghant.:: or even seduced, or threatened...

He said, eyeing her and the Cardassian in kind.

Dau: So, where do we go from here?

Shayne: I believe our goals should be strengthening our position from within before we attempt to exert it outward. The Sheliak are, at the moment, legion, but they are also not the greatest threat facing us. I suggest we continue to build upon what we’ve decided here today… and institute a mutual defense pact.  

Dakul: A strong united front will detour the Sheliak. Just thinking about one of their contracts is too much.::Frowning at the thought of it.:: 

Ghant: A fine idea, to be sure, but judging by the reports, would it be enough?

ANY: Responses

As the rest of the delegates finished their speaking, The Razor made its move. Hovering just far enough out of the Fed ship's firing range, they, on her orders, vented drive plasma in spurts across their deployed shields. The effect was something akin to "dancing lights", according to the few humanoids that crewed her forces. Best of all, should the Arrow's sensor even pick it up, it would just look like drifting elements amid the jetsum of space.

She tried to keep her face neutral as the Fed Captain took the bait, moving from his position toward the exterior viewing windows as the "light show" ceased as quickly as it started. 

Shayne: Did anyone else just see that?  

Dakul: Yes, i saw it.::With little concern.::

Eru stood to her feet and started to cross over as the Pretty One rushed in again, taking his Captain's ear, largely obvious to her movements. He had underestimated her. As did his Captain. Now she would show them the error of their ways...

Wilde: Ensign Alvarez is preparing to execute the order you gave on the bridge regarding our teams on the planet. 

She couldn't resist.

Ghant: Your Captain is about to be indisposed, I am afraid.


Ghant: Because of this...

She flashed the disruptor power pack in her hand again, palmed and set to overload during her cross (yet another unclocked move on her part). With a flick of her wrist the pack landed smoothly between the two stoic Security guards by the entryway of the conference room and before they could even register they were in danger, the pack exploded with a piercing thrumping boom, tossing them both aside like they were so much trash and prompting the frumpy and predictable LCARS system to close the blast doors of the room, sectioning them off from the larger corridors outside.

During the chaos of the explosion, Ghant suddenly shoulder-checked The Pretty One, allowing her space enough to deploy the electrified plasteel stiletto that was ferreted away in her left arm bangle. Spinning with the grace of a dancer, she snaked her free arm in behind the Fed Captain, pulling him tightly against her and then securing him with the stiletto, positioned just so underneath his chin. Their breaths quickened in concert. His probably due to the sudden spark of violence and her's for lighting the spark.

It was everything she could have hoped for. 

As the din of the room quieted, she already felt eyes on her and her hostage. More than that, she felt someone advancing on her. She pulled this Shayne tighter and the stiletto closer. Close enough that even she could feel it's electric heat.

Ghant: AH AH AH, I would not. Not when you still have a bargaining position...


Ghant: It's actually fairly simple, Captain. By now, as you surely know, your ground crews are under attack. That was my doing, sorry to say. Soon they will all be captured and then we can get to the REAL negotiations.

Wilde/R'Ariel: REPONSE

Ghant: Your Captain or your crews, of course. And the prices you are willing to pay for both. And best of all...::she eyed the rest of the alien delegates still huddled around the room:: You all get to add your own demands to the pile. Take some REAL power for yourselves here NOW and we can turn our patch into a stronghold for freedom...against the Sheliak and AGAINST the Federation, in kind.

She let the carrot dangle a bit longer before she introduced the stick.

Ghant: It's that...or I cut you down where you stand. I welcome any and all competing offers.

Any Meeting: RESPONSE


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