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(( OOC: Gonna skip around time-wise and drop more tags than usual so we don't fall too far behind the main thread.  Can back-sim where needed/desired, but hope to catch up in very short order... ))

(( USS Arrow, Deck 4 - Science Lab ))
(( Precisely 18 minutes after the conference ))

Tallera had found the science lab without too much trouble, but navigating the various mysterious-looking projects laid out on benches in an attempt to find the supplies and gear necessary to complete the planned ruse was proving somewhat more challenging.

Mercifully, just the woman she'd wanted to see joined her in short order - however more subdued and sullen her demeanor appeared after a conversation she'd not be privy to.  Tallera wondered if Jacin feared the Chalnoth so much for some particular reason, or if there was more at play.  So many accursed personal secrets aboard this ship!

If she wasn't to be privy to them, then the only thing she could do was the work.

Tallera: Greetings, Lieutenant.  :: A side-eyed glance. :: The ingredients for our "paint" are listed on the padd there.  :: She pointed to a table. :: I am presently searching for a foaming agent.  Do you know where one is?

Jacin: Response

Tallera: Breaking up one large, smooth surface into an apparent conglomeration of multiple smaller ones with weak-response properties will diffuse the return of active scans.

It was a tactic that had served her well in hiding objects in space on prior installations.  Admittedly, all the "objects" she'd hidden were much less obvious than a big glowy ring, but still the principle was sound, and she felt certain it would work.  The scientist should know that, but there was no telling if she'd make the connection in her current mood.

Jacin: Response

Tallera could still feel the oppressive weight of the mission - or something - still hanging in the air like the pressure of an incoming storm.  As they collected the foam, and several other materials, she took the risk to speak her mind.

Tallera: We do not know each other, Lieutenant, so perhaps it is unwise of me to presume to say anything, but if you'll indulge me... Fear of a thing can be more dangerous than the thing itself.  It will not help to be paralyzed to inaction.

Jacin: Response

Her Vulcan demeanor fully took over, analyzing both the woman and their situation with an unforgiving bluntness.

Tallera: Consider our current mission.  Be honest.  Does it seem to you an unwarranted gamble?

Jacin: Response

Tallera: Suppose the Chalnoth have a stalwart defense from the Sheliak, but need a partner to achieve its construction, and peace?  What would you think of that?

She hoped the shift in perspective would be illuminating for the Bajoran-looking woman.  For every challenge, there was also opportunity as far as the Vulcan was concerned.

Jacin: Response

Tallera: Hm!  :: A pensive, yet punched hum escaped. ::  We must have faith - and more than a little courage.  :: Beat. ::  Now come, there is much to do.

Jacin: Response (if any?)

For a fleeting second, she could almost hear herself channeling her father, unwavering in the face of whatever was to come.  But, for now, the items on the list had all been checked off, and safely stowed into a crate.  The precise mix would need to wait until Collins and Connor had found a good place to drop their Proteus ring, and that was where her legs took her now.

(( USS Arrow, Deck 4 - Astrometrics & Stellar Cartography ))
(( Precisely 47 minutes after the conference ))

Remote-piloting the workbee to apply a coating of disguise to the ring in its new hiding spot had proven to be as much artistry as engineering, especially with the time pressure to keep moving to their final destination.  Fortunately, their companions had selected a remarkably well-suited drop site, and the plan had come together quickly in its execution.  With a final bit of maneuvering she checked the monitors once again.  It had wound up looking more like cotton candy than a sucker, when it could be picked out from the background at all.  Of course, she was not nearly as skilled in the use of the scanners as her colleagues, and so she asked them their opinion of the results.

Tallera: How's that?

Collins/Dewitt/Jacin: Response

She frowned a little, ever dissatisfied with imperfect results.  She ran another scan on the panel in front of her.  After a moment's thought, she tried one last time.

Tallera: Try nudging it into that ionized patch there.  :: She pointed. ::

Realistically, it was as good as it was going to get - short range scans might still find it, but long-range scans were unlikely to distinguish the ring in the remote patch.

Collins/Dewitt/Jacin: Response

At last she cracked a small smile.

Tallera: Well, would you look at that...  I think we have to leave it there.

On one of the views, the ring and a few rocky deposits were in a formation that looked like the very surprised face of some animal.  She chuckled softly, then looked at the other officers - was she the only one to see it?

Collins/Dewitt/Jacin: Response


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