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Cassandra Mason

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((USS Arrow, Deck 3, Sickbay))


Collins: Correct, Doctor. Obviously I am mortified, but I don't think you have a treatment for that. Unless...you do? That would be lovely if you did. 


Ar'Gorvalei: ::Shaking his head:: No, but if you find one, please share it with me. I've had my own ... embarrassing experiences today.


If getting into a knife fight only constituted embarrassment in Ar’Gorvalei’s eyes then maybe there was more bravery in him than she’d expected. Then again, she almost certainly wouldn’t have been able to help in his circumstances at all. At least not until after damage had already been done. 


Collins: Are YOU okay, Mr. Ar'Gorvalei? What happened there? ::he said, pointing carefully with his free hand.:: 


Ar'Gorvalei: Commander Serinus and I were eating at a seafood taco restaurant when two intoxicated customers assaulted a waitress. We intervened. One of them had a pocket knife, and I got careless. 


Mason: You’re lucky that it wasn’t a deeper cut. Much worse than that and you could have had some dangerous muscle damage. 


Collins: Cor blimey! I can wait, if need be. Cuts surely trump cramps, yes? 


Ar'Gorvalei: ::Shaking head:: No need. Dr. Mason has already treated it. The rest will heal in time. 


Mason: Time and proper care. Unlike some people ::she glanced slightly at Quentin:: I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that strenuous activity will just make healing injuries worse. 


Collins: I am so sorry. But I do have to ask... ::shrugs:: How were the tacos? 


Either he was making a point of ignoring her snide remark, or he simply cared more about the food, Cassie rolled her eyes at Quentin’s disregard for her medical expertise. Unfortunately she’s gotten somewhat used to it by now. 


Ar'Gorvalei:  Quite good, actually. I highly recommend them. I’ve never had tacos before; it was a very pleasant experience. 


Mason: While I love tacos as much as the next person, ::she gestured down to the blade that was still clutched in Quentin’s hand:: let's talk food reviews after we make sure you don’t get Julius Caesar’d twice in one day.


Ar’Gorvalei: I recommend using a neural stimulator. We should be able to set it to stimulate the nerves in your hand to twitch open and drop the blade. 


Collins: Response


Mason: It won’t hurt at all, it’ll feel just like an involuntary twitch. 


Watching as Ar’Gorvalei put the small device onto Quentin’s forehead, Cassie watched the readings for any irregular signs before giving Ar’Gorvalei the nod to go ahead. She also began scanning with her tricorder for any signs of further damage to muscle tissue or nerve endings. 


Mason: A localized muscle relaxer will also make sure that the cramp doesn’t return for the rest of the night. Though you may feel a slight numbness in this arm, it should wear off within 3 to 5 hours. 


Collins: Response


Ar’Gorvalei: Response


Carefully, Ar’Gorvalei began the careful process of inputting into the neural stimulator to manipulate the correct nerves. Normally she’d remind him to be careful of where the knife would drop once it was let go, though after today she figured he’d be more wary of blades. Especially with the wide berth he’d given the knife earlier. 


Mason: Any discomfort? ::She looked to Quentin, sure that the muscle relaxer would take a little while longer to kick in.:: 


Collins: Response


Mason: I’d recommend less exercise until your muscles have recovered more, but since I’m sure you’re going to ignore me anyways, just try doing some more warm ups beforehand or a less intensive workout.


Ar’Gorvalei/Collins: Response


Slowly Quentin’s fingers began to twitch, and with each twitch his grip on the weapon loosened ever so slightly. Though it still wasn’t enough for the handle to slip through just yet.


Mason: ::to Ar’Gorvalei:: Try one more with a slightly stronger pulse.


Ar’Gorvalei/Collins: Response






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