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Nov 27, 2023, 11:25:20 AM11/27/23

((Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room, USS Arrow)) 

Shayne: How is Ensign Orsalen doing?

Ohnari sighed, so deeply that she seemed to be settling within her own body. It was a remarkable thing to witness; an as-it-happened transition from responsibility to simply telling it like it was. He sympathized with her weariness, but deep down he knew he’d made the right choice in posting her to her current status. She would earn it, as she had already. Sometimes it was wonderful to be right. 

Ohnari: Rattled, but physically stable. 

That was, of course, good, and a direct response to what he’d asked. But for due diligence to be satisfied, he’d have to ask more. Now that Orsalen wasn’t in immediate danger, the effect on the crew had to be examined, if there was one beyond their care for their comrade. 

Shayne: Good. Can you tell me more about what happened? 

The reports were still being collected- Shayne disliked haranguing people for paperwork, and he understood that it could take time to submit a truly informative account of a mission. But what had been submitted to that point was confusing, somewhat vague, and difficult for the captain to grasp. He suspected that was as true to life as something of this nature was bound to get, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy his own curiosity, nor duty. 

Ohnari: What she experienced...was intense. There were a few of us who had similar experiences....

His first thought had been a purely telepathic connection, but as far as he knew, neither Waters nor Orsalen had any kind of telepathy in their histories or files. 

Shayne: Was it random? Do we need to worry about whatever this is spreading around the rest of the ship?

It wasn’t fair to put so much responsibility on Ohnari, especially considering that she was among the affected herself, and there was little understanding about it at the moment. But fair was not a promise on Starfleet, and out of all of them, he had to assume she was best equipped to handle both the hands on medical science and leadership obligations that search for the truth would entail. 

Ohnari: From an endemic standpoint, we have nothing to be concerned about. This was not a pathogen, not in the usual sense. But I do believe Ensign Berry is going to be extremely busy over the next few days....

Shayne: Hell of a way to start a career. 

He had confidence in her abilities, but wished that her services were not so necessary, much like the doctor’s. 

Shayne: And you? What’s your status, doctor? 

Ohnari: Response 

He could see her exhaustion, but if she needed help, or was wise enough to ask for it, he’d be happy to assist her in any way he could. He mentally kicked himself for the millionth time for not going further in his medical career- every bit could have helped, even if he’d eventually chosen to avoid the doctor’s path. 

Shayne: How long’s it been since you’ve had a break? 

He felt like a doting, helicopter parent. What would he be criticizing next, her choice in partner, or curtains? 

Shayne: oO Put me in reins and call me a nag… Oo 

Ohnari: Response 

He had chosen that particular moment to take a sip of coffee. It was a very bad choice. He sputtered and tried to cover a hefty cough with a scraggly remark. 

Shayne: How long? 

Ohnari: Response


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